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yee ha! Thanks, Karen :)
THAT was a random act of kindness, girl!


I just wanted to ket you know that I did do a good deed, but never came by to comment. I gave a friend who I knew was struggling a ton of kids clothes that I was going to sell to help me buy new kids clothes. I just never took the time to comment here. I'm not telling you now to try to get in on the giveaway, but I just wanted you to know that there are probably a lot like me who did the deed but just didn't comment. So you helped even more people than just the 23 who commented! ! Have a great day :)

Kelli Williams

That's so awesome! I did a great deed. But forget to post it. My friend is on a limited income and was saving up for a die set to match some stamps she had bought to make her new grand babies scrappy things. Her birthday is coming, and we don't normally exchange gifts but she just came out of a coma! And I wanted to show her how much she is appreciated. She caught some super bug thing. So when she was at the scrapbook store, I called and bought her the dies and had the staff give them to her. She was thrilled!! It felt great!

Lisa Houpt

Oh my goodness!! I am so excited Karen! Thank you so very much!!! I can't believe you chose all 23 of us - you are awesome!

I sent you an email.


I just want to thank Karen for offering this up and all 23 of you who participated! My Dad would be thrilled that his legacy lives on. I loved reading all of the comments. THANK YOU ALL!


Thank you Karen! I'm sending an e-mail right now!

Donna Bolsar

Thank you Karen! You are such a generous person. Sent you an email.


Thank you- sending you an email!

Jennifer Weston

Karen you are so generous! Thank you sooo much. Sent you an email.


Aww Karen, you are so generous. Thank you, sent you an email.

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