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Glad you had a wonderful Halloween!


Your Halloween photos are always some of my favorites. I am so happy that it turned out to be a glorious evening...those teens can come through shining ... and when they is extra special. Looking forward to seeing more photos and storytelling.

Denise M

Too old to dress up! What?!? I am nearly 40 and dressed up! Haha. My 17 & 16year olds went trick or treating with their friends this year so it wasn't the family affair it has always been. However my husband and I both dressed up (as pirates) and took our 10yr old trick or treating and also have the funnest Halloween ever!! It's definitely a challenge with angsty teens glad you had all ended up having a good night out after all too!!

Kelli Williams

They did dress up! As teenagers! When did that happen? Great fun photos as always! And you should post the crap ones! We want to see the good and the bad!


Very cute, gosh Annie is getting tall...that's what I notice about Sienna too...I can't believe they are going to be 10 next year (our babies). James turns 12 in 3 weeks that amazes me because I remember taking him down to the local park to take his "10" photos (double digits, it was a big deal) and he was so co-operative. You should be teaching's your thing!!!! xxx Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


Those are some fabulous kids you've got there. Angst and turdishness and all :) thanks for sharing.

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