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And I will be reading and loving your posts....So happy that even if the "bigs" didn't dress up...they went along and made it a night to remember. Always love your photos. Happy grateful for you!


Love your photos always. But especially the big kids just being themselves. Real. Life.

Andrea :)

Swoon! Those pictures...beautiful, my friend. So much love in them. :)


Absolutely love these photos! I look forward to your Halloween shots every year!


...and how was Thanksgiving? miss you.


Been checking daily for T day pix😜Look fwd to them every year; )Hope it was lovely! Firsts, Esp holidays after a loss are hard😢


Helllllo...where are you? again you have left us hanging for weeks on end....Halloween, Thanksgiving and almost Christmas now....hello, are you there?


Karen...just a note to say I miss your posts. I miss your family. I miss your photos! I miss your writing! You always inspire me! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and can't wait to see you post again soon!


As a blogger, I understand the dry spells, the just not feelin' it and the time factor. That said... I do want you to know that I miss you and your peeps. Merry Christmas Karen!


Just checking in to let you know I a have been religiously checking for new posts. Hope you and your family are enjoying this joyous season! Miss you and your light!!!!


hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - miss you!!


I hope you are all ok Karen!!! Merry Christmas to you all!


Wishing Merry Christmas and wanting you to know you're missed!

Shan Laux

Missing you! Hope you had a great holiday season!


I'm so worried about you! 🙏❤


Hey Karen, missing your posts. Hope all is ok and you had a great Christmas and New Year!


Come back!!! - I neeeeeeed you.!

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