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Congrats to both you an Josh. Loved the thankful list while running. Appreciate you sharing it all.


You Go Girl! You're an inspiration to non-runners such as myself :)

Kelli Williams

You are amazing! And the bib thing.... Hilarious!


So proud of you!! -- xoxo


Wow! You are a remarkable woman, mom and athlete! You inspire me more than any other person I can think of! Karen...YOU ROCK!


Andrea :)

Yay, Karen! That is so exciting. Good for you! :)


Congrats, Karen! Love distance running and all the uninterrupted miles it allows me to spend being thankful and talking to God. And I particularly love seeing my guy, cheering for me at the finish. :)


That's so cool Karen, well done to you! That's an awesome time too.

Kirsten J

Hahaha! Love the finish. Good for you....I doubt I could even walk a half. Be so proud!


That is awesome !!! I ran my first half when I was 53, having just begun running for the first time in my life six months prior. I can totally empathize that comparison to childbirth--- parts of it were just plain miserable, yet I did another since and I'm training to do it again this winter. Kudos for tuning the entire thing, too---I do a slow walk/run and it is still so hard at times!! But those pretzels afterwards make it all worthwhile----lol!!


Oops! That was supposed to say "kudos for running". ;-).


Good for you Karen, very inspiring!


You finished faster than 1000 other people! Way to go!! I have zero desire to run. But I admire anyone who pushes themselves to do more and go further than they thought they could.


You should be so proud! I offer encouragement to my sausages as I run trying to remember that they've never failed to carry me wherever I need to go.


Ahhh Karen! Great work! that is so so awesome. You are an inspiration. I need to sign up for a race and get my body back in gear. I have only done a few 5ks since my marathon. I need to do something productive. Good Job beating Josh!

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