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Lol Eye of the Tiger, he's so funny!


Awesome, but I do agree with your dad! Also, I LOVE Coral's hair.

stephanie ackerman

I love you and your blog and what you say and how I laugh out loud at your posts and how we have never met! When can we meet in real life? I swear I am not a stalker and I know we would totally get along and our husbands would get along even better.

Judy Webb

This has nothing to do with half-marathon. So happy for this accomplishment !! I have a blog reader and do not often go to blog page, today I did. When you have time and are so moved, please let us have some new photos of the kids. Those two teenagers are maturing so fast !! Probably too fast for you and Josh Downs. Wishing the very best to you and family. Your TEXAS friends miss you. J


I agree with your dad, but Leavenworth is lovely! Next time you tell me, and I'll pick Kili up on the way! We can eat GF cookies, and maybe some vegetarian brats!


The ribbon and trophy/badges are really nice looking..........looks like you still had some energy in yourself even after the race....great effort. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

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