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Happy Birthday Cole! He's looking more like Ross as he gets older!


Good grief == 15???? sheesh! Happy Birthday to a great looking young man!!


My word, I have been reading here since he was 5! As he gets older, I see Ross in him more and more. Happy Birthday Cole!


Happy Birthday to you Cole! Wishing you a wonderful year!


Goodness the years go by quickly...and what a handsome young man he has become! Happy Birthday Cole!!


Happy, happy birthday Cole! I'm curious what you are reading these days.

Kelli Williams

I can not believe he's 15! I feel so old! Happy birthday Cole! I hope you let your mom record you playing one day!

Jennifer S

Happy Birthday, Cole!!!!!! Thank you for letting your mom photograph your birthday for you! I hope you know you will treasure those photos in the future (still trying to convince my own kids on this)


HAppy birthday to Cole! Wow they are getting big! I remember him from when you first started blogging. He may be growing up but he is still a cutie!


Happy Birthday, Cole! His birthday posts make me wake up and know that my own son's birthday (same age) isn't far off. We adopted a piano from Craig's list last spring and my ds began taking lessons about 6 months ago, too. So far, we haven't been asked for a keyboard. Cole's a lucky boy! Congrats mom and dad.

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