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Missy Jaycox

I always love when your beautiful family pops up! You are very talented. Your stories and photos are always inspirational, and always a treat for the eyes and the heart. Thanks for sharing!


I have been reading your inspirational blog for years and have always enjoyed your honesty and beautiful photo's. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary - hope to congratulate you on your 20 year anniversary. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us all. Much love, Dianne (Cape Town, South Africa)


I so enjoy your blog!! I love your honesty about life, your every day struggles and also the pure joy you experience when things are good.

I know how much pressure one can feel to keep up with writing the blog but please know that you lots of us out there, hoping for and looking forward to your next post!

Take good care,


Rachel Millington

Congratulations! You're one of my most favourite bloggers and I am sure you'll still be here, sharing with us in another 10 years! xXx


Love you Karen! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I always enjoy the posts. Especially since I have 3 teenagers too.

Terri Garrett

I stumbled across your blog about 10 years ago and want to say thank you! I thank you for your fantastic pictures, your humor and more than anything your honesty. We all share the same struggles and I hope you stick around another 10 years.



Love you! I have been around since your scrapbooking days, and even though you been quiet - I still stop by every few days. And you and Josh Downs, restore my faith that true love really does exist in this day and age.

Cindy B.

Love your blog. Look forward to new posts. You have brought both laughter and tears to this middle aged lady. Hope to be enjoying this blog for many years to come. Wishing you and your family the best!! Cindy B.


Pinkies up, Clink Clink! :) Happy 10 years! Our children have grown up together, and I've learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


I'll be here!!! for as long as you're willing to share and inspire me. Love it all!!


I'll be here as long as you are! you are an inspiration in so many areas of my life.

Sherri L

Karen, congrats on ten years! What a testament to your efforts of sharing your creativity, your heart, and your faith with those of us who read. May God continue to bless you and your sweet family, and congratulations again on ten years.


Congratulations on 10 years!! That is such an accomplishment. 10 years of giving your heart to all of us, putting it all out there-- all-in! Love you my and 20,30,40 years from now!


Congratulations on these 10 years, and here's to at LEAST 10 MORE! Count me in!!!


It's been a pleasure to share the ride with you, to see your children grow, and to learn more about photography with you in your class. It may be quiet here sometimes, but never ever disappointing. Thank you for sharing your love for photography and your beautiful family with us.


Happy 10th Anniversary! I've enjoyed all your stories and pictures; you have quite the talent. As long as you're writing, I'll be reading.


happy anniversary! I remember you from back in the 2Peas days - and your awesome borders at ScrapbookPictures too.
I always enjoy your honest writing and your beautiful photography!


I always enjoy a new post! Thank you for sharing your life with us.
And, where did you get your shirt??? :)

Kathy C.

Congrats and I hope blogs never go away. I'm still blogging for nearly 10 years and even though FB is more of the focus, I'm thankful for the posts I blog and that they'll be around forever! :)


Oh Please keep blogging! I read very few blogs every day...but I NEVER miss yours. Your pictures are amazing, the stories you tell are priceless and the lessons you learn/the struggles you go through....well, they make me feel not so alone. They make me look at the bad in life as sort of learning experience. I am also a hygienist so the few dental jokes/remarks make me chuckle. Here's to 10 more years!


What a pleasure it has share your family, your story, and of course your wonderful photography. It somehow always grounds me, and your personality and talent always shine through, no matter what you are going through. We cannot worry about what the future will bring....I am just thankful for you being you. I look forward to more blogging, and more sharing and more photographed stories. I hope you celebrate this ten year mark, knowing that each and every post is a treasure to those that love you. Here's to "more"!


Oh YES!! We gotta go another 10 years. I am so inspired!!!

Libbi M.

your beautiful. thanks for sharing your stories. i have always admired how you honestly share your life on the internet. reading about your struggles makes me think i'm not alone. please keep sharing your photos and stories. they will never get old or boring.

Kelli Williams

Your blog is the only one I read! You know I'll be here till the end! And if the end is sooner than later, I'll be sad but I'll understand!


I sure enjoy your words and stories! Happy anniversary and I hope to see you sharing around here parts for many years to come. :)


Please don't go away anytime soon - I have watched you be a mum of 2 and then a mum of 4 - this journey you have us on is wonderful and love your honesty too. These blogs I enjoy like a good book although I have noticed that blogs are dropping off for a lot of people. May your future with blogging flourish. All the way from Australia. xxx


Another 10 years? Yeah... I think we can do it... :) You take the awesome shots, you write the words and I'll just tag along... hmmm... somewhat lopsided and selfish of me, isn't it? ;) Congrats on the first 10 and here's to the next 10!

Kirsten J

Awwwww - you're so cute. I think I started my blog about the same time. Yikes! But mine is woefully neglected. Here's to another 10, and hang in there Mama. The angsty stuff will pass. I hope. *says the mom of a 15 year old girl*

Emma searle

I look forward to every blog you post. I've loved watching your family grow up. My daughter is the same age as Annie. I understand how busy life gets but just want you to know that I love your blog, my favourites that you post are when all your family is together for Thanksgiving, Christmas and vacations. I hope you continue for years to come. Xx


Thank you for allowing me to come along for the ride!

Kathy R.

Yours is the best blog out there, hands down. I sure hope you continue to blog for a long time to come. I'll still be here reading. Thank you for all the great stories, lessons, and thought provoking posts. I'm glad to have met you in person and VERY glad to call you my friend! {{Virtual hug}} <3

Kim H.

Happy Blog-Aversary! I too love your blog. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents!!!


Happy 10 year blogging anniversary!!! I will pray for another 10 years with you as you always encourage and inspire me with your truth and honesty!

Julie Pilch

Congratulations Karen and Happy 10 Year blogging anniversary! I've been reading it for almost the whole 10 years, following your everyday life and thoroughly enjoying the journey with you. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us all and heres to another 10!!!


Karen to me it is as if we knew each other in real life( and I am really sad that will most probably never happen)!! I follow you and your stories since Anni was very little and I cannot imagine your blog to quit... You are so open, such a talented, a smart and likeable woman and I often felt encouraged when I read your posts. And all that without regard to your congenial pictures!!! So to cut the story short (or: many words, short sense as we say in Germany): I wish you a very happy anniversary!! We will stick with you for sure!!!! As long as we are allowed!
See you soon
Anne (from Germany) :-)


Darn girl, I want to grow old with you!

Really, there is no disappointment, your blogging schedule is perfect for my business with a college kid, a high school freshman and a 5th grader, who has added work hours after many years, a now sometimes-when-I-have-the-chance-photographer-and-crafter (sniff sniff) who is working on getting in shape and running a club at one of the schools.

Huh, how about that?

Seriously though, I love seeing what you are up to next, and you make me FIND time for my camera now and then (I still had the original Rebel when I took your class 4 years ago, now I have the awesome 6D and really need to go through the materials again). You inspire me, you make me laugh, you make me cry, and I can SO relate. So, no pressure to still be here in another 10 years (who CARES what everyone else is doing by then!) but whatever continues to work for you, works for me. It's life, live it as it comes.


Happy blogiversary! Keep writing and I think we'll all keep reading :)

And you are anything but a disappointment! Even when the posts are far and few between, they're always fun, inspiration, interesting, or any other multitude of worthy emotions. So thank you for putting it out there!!


At LEAST another 10!!!!! Love how honest you are. Love your down to earth life! Much love from the PNW:)


You post........we will read..............loved all the photos you have posted recently...keep up with looking at your photography and hearing your stories....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I can't imagine the internet without you! I learnt how to use my DSLR through Snapshots of a Good Life. I've looked around at others and they don't compare to yours, as it was so well written. I just need to keep reviewing the information to get better and better.
Thank you for sharing your life with us and your gifts of photography, encouragement and faith. I hope you stick around for a while yet xx


You bless me. I'll definitely be here.

Lisa Edney

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for continuing to share your story and your beautiful view of the world. You are an inspiration! Cheers!


You know I've loved your blog for years! I'm not going anywhere! Just wish I had stuck with my own blog!:) Hope you fam is all doing well!


Hey! Love you blog and congrats on the hitting 10 years! I've been loving following and reading about your journey and love how real you are. There are seasons for everything and it's ok that it's a quieter season... who knows what the future holds hey! Blessings, Sheree xo

Sasha Farina

Please don't stop.. i'll have withdrawals! :D congratulations Karen!


Happy Anniversary!! I'm really thankful I found your blog, and Snapshots of a Good Life, and I don't mind the quiet times, we all have them. It's just fun, and sad, and thought-provoking, and joyful reading what you share with us:-)


For ten years you have shown us how to take pictures of the every day. We have watched the kids grow and change. We have watched heart aches and happiness. You have shown us how to grow and change and love and hurt and through it all take pictures. Please continue.

robin... you know the one from ND... who is coming to see you in a few short months...

As everyone said above... you can't leave us on the internet... you must continue to blog...

that is all...

robin... you know the one...


Happy 10th! Cheers--here's to many more!!!

Michelle B

Happy Blog Anniversary! 10 years wow! I can't remember how I came across your blog...but I love to read and your photos are amazing! I hope that you keep on blogging!


This makes me paranoid that you're going to stop blogging and that's not OK. With me. So, stay. xoxo

Jennifer S

Happy Anniversary!! Been here with you since 2008 - I'm not going ANYWHERE. I totally get all the reasons for quiet though! Similar reasons I have half a year of photos still in RAW...not edited. :) Here's wishing you ANOTHER 10 years of blogging! :)


Happy Blog Anniversary! Have been a fan since the early scrapbooking days. I love that you share your life with us and it's been such a joy to watch your family grow up! I can't imagine the Internet without you, but understand the need for a hiatus. Lovely photo - you look radiant!!


Please don't ever stop blogging. I found your blog a few years before I took your photography course and love keeping up with your family. I know life gets hectic and as the kids grow they don't want to have their pictures taken as much, I took my blog down a couple of years ago but share a lot on Instagram and am running into the problem of the kids not wanting to to share about them. What else is there, my kids are my life 😀. I'm teaching our 16 year old daughter photography using my notes from your course (I hope you don't mind).


Congratulations !!!
... and greetings from Germany from a woman (aka working mom) with a daughter (19).
I found your blog 8 years ago and since then I read every post you made.
So often you inspire me with so many aspects of your life. You are great! :-)
Thank you for sharing and thank you for being you.


No! Not when I just found your wonderful blog! I just found yours by way of Clickin' Mom when asking for suggestions on classes that were accessible to those with hearing losses. Love your blog, love your stories and of course, your photography. But as someone who's trying to keep up with her blog, I understand where you're coming from - life (esp with kids!) gets in the way sometimes and that's good. Whatever you decide, I know I'll stick around. :) Also, thank you for sharing - you've a talent for writing.

Kimberly Archer

I have been here since your beginning. Your old scrappy days. We all evolve. I never thought I would still be reading blogs. I do not as much as I used to, as you say, they have gone dormant for one reason or another. Keep us updated in photos. Love to seeing your family through your photos. Good luck with your new venture. BTW, loved the photos from NH!

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