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Jennifer S

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Courtney! Thats fabulous news!


I think God would have been quite proud of Courtney had she chosen to nominate herself. Messages from God sometimes arrive in the form of a call to action. There's no shame in pursuing what one wants as opposed to waiting for someone else to provide it. In fact, it's quite admirable. In any event, congratulations are in order.....YOU GO GIRL!!!


That is awesome. Congratulations Madame Vice President Courtney.


How wonderful! And I must say, she's becoming quite the young woman. Beautiful!


You are so beautiful Courtney! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Congratulations Courtney Lee! Way to SHINE your light.


Congrats Courtney! You will be amazing :)

Rachelle S

Congrats Courtney and LOVELY photo! :)

Kelli Williams

Congrats! How very exciting for her! I hope she has a great term!

Libbi M.

Congratulations Courtney! You're turning into a lovely young women. You'll do a fantastic job!


Shes gotten sooooooo pretty in the last year! What a beautiful girl! Congratulations to her!


Congrats, Courtney Lee!! You will make a fine VP!! :)

Sue crinnion

So happy for her! That is awesome.


that's awesome! Congrats Courtney Lee!


Congratulations Courtney! She's beautiful inside and out. :)


Growing up! Gorgeous, special sweet girl. Congrats.

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