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Living life and recording it; pure awesomeness.


Ah cliffhanger!! I could look at your photos forever. Thanks for sharing them. Calves duly noted. And poor Ross! Hope he's okay.


When I die, I truly want my family playing football and hanging out. It would make me ridiculously proud. Well done.


I loved all the photos-- but by far my favorite was the one of Keaton. Wow- did you have to take him home in a garbage bag???? lol??? That was hilarious! Looks like every one had fun!

Alicia Kane

Again your a awesome story teller. Love reliving that day thru your pictures. Love you

Kristi B

So glad to see you posting. Love your stories & photos!


I've said it before and I will say it over and over again....You are an amazing photographer. Such a fabulous way for your family to honor and say goodbye. Also....I really want to be a part of your family hasn't had that much fun together a day in my life...on any occasion. Hope Roscoe-T is ok!

Juli P of living with a white dog! so awesome!


Love all the pics! The dog, your uncles expressions, that terrible tank top, the calves...all good!:)

Libbi M.

Lovely photos. I want to hire you to take our photos when we scatter my grandparents ashes. They've picked a spot in Murphy, Oregon where they used to live. They had 80 acres on a beautiful piece of property where I spent most of my Summers growing up.

lovely cutler

speaking of politics. what was the very and super thick book that Josh was reading a couple years ago. something about things you dont learn from going to a regular school. i wish i could find that blog post here ......

help me. i'd like to get that for my man:)

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