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Sorry to hear the loss of your Grandpa....I'm sure with all your extended family getting together to be together you will have such lovely memories to celebrate his life. I was thinking about you this morning because I was reading through the document you put together NYE 2011 from all your students what we's good to read through that stuff again. Love all your pics above, you are such an awesome photographer!!! take care. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


Beautiful post Karen! I'm sure your grandparents are very pleased with their memorial! Xxoo


Looks like a perfect way to do death and to celebrate family and your grandparent's lives!!! Love that you made it into that last picture. And Courtney looks so grown up and beautiful in those pictures of her on the bus.


Loved this post, thanks for sharing! Made me lol and shed a tear, you have a great family! Love the bus and that the dogs were included too!


What an awesome memorial and awesome family you have.


This is great - all for a celebration of life surrounded by people you love! I'm sure they were both looking down on all of you and proud of the family they created.

s molen

I've followed your post for a couple of years and have enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY!!! I have had a few tears and a few laughs because you portray real life in your blog and not enough of us realize how valuable that is in this day and age. I have aging grandparents who mean the world to me and your last blog has made me realize that I need to respond in order to keep what you have going alive. Too often we are afraid to let our real selves out there and you do it in a graceful way that relates to most of us. I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT YOU ARE UP TO!!! I wish I had the courage to do a blog......


I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa. Honestly these are the most wonderful pictures! What an amazing way to celebrate the lives of those who are gone.

You and your family rock :-)


So glad you're back! Much love, prayers and good thoughts to you and yours! What an incredible celebration - I bet your grandparents were laughing as hard as anyone!

Denise M

Beautiful!!! Absolutley beautiful!! Much love & hugs!!


Simply YOU! love it!

Kirsten J

Glad you're back, but sorry your grandpa passed away. And I love how you all roll. that bus from your neighbor?

teresa b

I've been absent for awhile and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. Sorry for your loss and what a great celebration of love and family. Wishing you well!!

Sandra Klary

Oh my, these! I don't do well with deaths either....and I don't see a point in graveyards really or big funerals...anyway, this celebration would be right up my alley! :)
So sorry for your loss (because it's always a loss, no matter how close you are to the family member), but glad your family sticks together like that!
xox Sandra


Perfectly imperfect! Love the way you all roll. Love that you can all get together. That's a rare blessing these days. At least in my family we are too divided, most don't talk. It's a sad affair. So inspiring to see everyone get along so well!!!

Juli P

I always knew that you had the coolest family... but you guys own a school bus? Seriously, it paid for itself with this gathering. What an awesome celebration of your Grandma and Grandpa's lives!
Losing a loved one is hard, but sharing memories the way your family did, makes it just a teeny bit more pleasant.


I don't know... this seems like the absolute best memorial I've ever heard of--not sure you can claim "don't do death very well" status anymore. Just wonderful, and a true celebration of life.


I love how your family rolls! I'll have to show this to my husband and children, as this is how I want my memorial to be. I just wanted to give Courtney a big hug; she looked like she needed one.


I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa! I think he would be proud of how you celebrated him and your Grandma!


Oh, what a beautiful thing to do!

And, I'll have two of whatever you had before the bus dance. ;);)


Awesome!!! Just so freaking awesome!!! I hope I'm remembered w happiness and joy like this!!! Xoxoxoxoxo


you, my friend, need to write a book. your storytelling abilities are so magical. you are so relate-able and pulled me right in. i was smiling reading and viewing your photos and then BAM! the two photos after the "Christ on crutches" comment turned on the waterworks. seriously. instantaneously. maybe because my own personal grief of losing my mom 8 years ago, and my mother in law just 1 year ago (so my girls don't have either grandmother now) and my husband's family still has my mother-in-law's ashes sitting in a box in the corner of a cabinet. or maybe just because you are a good storyteller. or maybe a combination of the two. i don't think there is a right or wrong way to do death. or a "pretty" way to do it. grief never looks good on anyone, does it? it's an ugly process, for sure. thanks for always sharing real life. that's what i LOVE about you. never sugar coating anything. (oh.....and that courtney lee....she is STUNNING. absolutely STUNNING.)


Sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter how you (& your family) remember a loved one, as long as you do it in your own way. We lost my Baba (aka grandma) at the end of June and it was so amazing to have all of our family, including her siblings and a lot o their families. It had been years since we were all together it was so I don't know, familiar. Nostalgic I guess. Her children and gandchildren went through her house and also went through all the photo albums. SO many times someone would bust out laughing and yelling come see this photo, remember this?!

Shan Laux

I love how you celebrated your grandfather. Hugs!!!


Wow! A school bus full of laughing, dancing, loving family - that is an amazing tribute!

Jessica K.

Beautiful! I hope someone in my family has a bus by the time I die.

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