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So, so fun! I just love that everyone got dressed up and you made a family night of it. Even if it was just so Josh Downs could find a way to watch the debates... :)


What a fun night! Thanks for sharing the pictures. You all look very presidential!


I love the serious, but silly photos! And Keyton looks like he has fit right in!


I love it..........Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

Denise M

How fun!! I love it!!


I love this! and the family and your house! great way to amuse and educate.


Oh how I Love these pics! Fantastic - everyone looks gorgeous!


Bahaha! so fun! Love these pics and love the idea...our local radio station created a drinking game around Trump-isms...though I didn't participate in it, love the fun and spirit behind all of it!


I cannot handle the maturation of Cole's face. I know growing up is inevitable, just happens so fast.


Looks like such a fun night--what a great idea!!! I loved seeing you all dressed up.

Rachelle S

gah! So cute :)

Courtney Wilson

That's hilarious! I'm still trying to get through it without being interrupted.


It looks like so much fun and Keyton is just about as cute as they get!

Chris Loverseed

Whoever is taking the photos is doing a great job!


That is hilarious and fun!! That stupid time's up doorbell meant we had it on for about five minutes because our very smart dog thought it really was a doorbell every.single.time.


Fun-est post ever!!!! LOVED IT - thanks for sharing...and tell Josh, politicians wear knee socks - but I understand it's hard to cover such hot calves. :))) xxoo

Vicki Aday

That is so awesome!! :)


Love the fun night and great pics!! I'm with you on Carson. But I like the

Donald....he said my name on Facebook!!! lol


That is just the greatest!!!! you have got to be the luckiest wife! My husband would never suggest that or even take part in it. But those memories and pictures are the best ever!! thanks for sharing!


I love this Karen!!!! What a great way to bring the reality of politics/government into our youths education. It's important for us to hear and learn about this stuff at earlier ages than the day you can legally vote. At least they'll have an idea of what a candidate is, the difference between the parties and make educated choices for the countries future, and not vote for someone because of their gender or skin color. Two thumbs up girl!!!

Lorie Gomes

Where are you girl...miss your blog!


Karen Russell please come back to blogging. I neeeeeeed you.


you are the MOST fun ever - no question :) xoxo - a


miss you too......


Hello, hello, anybody in there???
Where did you go?
Its been almost a month...


Oh my gosh, you guys are absolutely the cutest family ever!


Yep its been WAAAY too long!!! :-( Missing my favoritest blogger;) Hope you all are ok.

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