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Janet Knox

It's good just to hear everything is ok. I can't believe Annie is in braces, I remember when she was just a baby. They grow up way too fast.


We do miss your gorgeous posts but family and summer come first. Hugs


Missing your posts for sure;)Annie is at the age where i bet she is so fired up to have braces!!! ;)


Glad to hear from you! As Carolyne said, family and summer come first! Take care :-)

Sasha Farina

not giving up! but i miss your stories!


Annie looks adorable in her new braces!!! I LOVE that last picture of her looking in the mirror.


Never giving up on you!! Annie is darling!!!


Lookin' good Annie! Hope you guys are all having a great summer!


Never giving up! Glad you are well. Have a great summer.


I'll never give up on you! I can't believe how fast the kids are growing! Annie, the braces look great! If you have elastics, ask for coloured ones, like red and green for Christmas, black and orange for halloween, and don't for get the duck colours or was it beavers?

Toni Trainor

I would never give up. I miss your posts and hope your summer is going well. Enjoy!

Libbi M.

Never giving up! By the way, Dr. Ravassipour is awesome. My youngest daughter loves playing with the iPads while waiting for big sister to get her bands changed.


I am missing the amazing pictures you post....come back to blogging soon even if you edit those unedited photos from years ago you never got time.....your photos are always Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


Hope they're not quite as sore today!! WTG, Annie!!! <3


Brave Annie! I remember those days with a very sore mouth. Totally worth it in the end though. Glad you're well.

Jen Daniele (formerly Central Point)

Great to see you post!! Just have patience and accept it - you are the best!!!


I would never give up....loved these photos. Really makes me realize how the time is flying by!


My son just got his braces OFF July 29th!
Braces really make a difference!


My son is about to start down that path. Have to make an appt with an orthodontist. He's only 10. Just seems too little:)

Tamara Dunkin

SHE is adorable. especially with the braces. and i will never give up on you. i love that you're taking time right now for.... well, whatever it is you're crazy busy with - could it be your husband? your children? your job? your pets? your unpaid job (aka: mom & wife)? you just keep on doing whatever it is you're doing and when you come back, i'll be here to read all your posts. i love your transparency. your real-ness. your love for God. your love for your family. THANKS.


we dont give up - but we do miss you :)


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