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I've missed you so much! And all these little tidbits of AYITM that I'm hearing about and seeing are killing me! I know you put your all into it, and I hope that you will run it again! "We" already have a AYITM 2.0 ready for you!
I see that Keyton has very white furs! How did you do that? I hope he and Shelby are getting along!
Your chores and choices lists are a great idea! Hope your summer continues on a great path of progress.




When I grow up, I want to be just like you :) and since I'm already an adult, guess I will just strive to model myself after you! Good to hear from you again.

Lisa A

You're back! You're back!!! Missed you! Hasn't anyone ever told you, perfection is overrated!!! :)
And as Kelli said above, AYITM 2.0 is ready and waiting!


In LOVE with the chore charts, tv time... Thanks for sharing!


Yay! Totally missed you :-) I love your summer plan for the kids. Going to be a bit of a copy cat. My life's a bit too random to do it all but I think we can hit some key points. Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you also for emailing me back a few weeks ago. I replied several times but it won't go through.

Juli P

Keyton is sure cute...not so poodle looking, IMO. (not a poodle lover here either)
Love your chore charts... I had grand plans of doing something similar, it's almost July 1 and I haven't even thought about where to begin...


It's looking good, Karen-- lovely photos!


Totally missed you.....glad you took time off too!


I was just thinking I was missing your face and then you posted! So glad to see your face again!

Shan Laux

YAY! you are back! I've missed you and BOY do I need this chore chart and screen time rules. Our summer just started! Thank you for sharing and can't wait to "see" more of you! :) Also love Keyton all snuggled up in your office!


Welcome back! Love the chores list. Cannot wait for my daughter to be old enough to read a simple chart. Maybe I can start with pictures!!!!


Good for you on the Chores list! Mine never seemed to work out so better luck to you. The devotional looks like a good one...I read her book Bread and Wine which was very good. Loving summer!! Take care my friend!


We're leading parallel lives, right down to the cayenne in our water. Are you reading Food Babe's book? Everyone looks healthy and happy!


Would you mind sharing your 'tea' recipe. It has all the things that I believe I would enjoy.


Great pics, as always.I've been missing your blogging. I hope you find more time now that it is summer. I am still struggling with having teens with no interest in having their picture taken. It was so much easier when they were younger!


Oh oh, we thought you were back...but you're gone again..😞


Just wanted to say that I am missing your blog! I spend hours each week "on hold" and that is when I get to check out your blog and recent adventures! I know your busy! Just wanted to stop and say HI! Miss you!


Um, hello. It's your blogger readers here. Where are you? You promised to be on here more and you have completely abandoned us.


Another faithful reader here saying "hello" and hoping you're having grand summer adventures that are keeping you away. Looking forward to when you update again (yes ... I check every day ;-)


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