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I feel ya Karen! Such a hard thing to have our kids grow up. I could write a book a book on how traumatic letting my kids grow up has been for me but Im sure thats been done :))) Cole is going to be an amazing man and it will be such a joy to witness his transformation! xxooo


I had the exact same feeling last night! My son is also graduating from 8th grade in 2 weeks and as I was listening and watching him perform as part of two select band ensembles, I was filled with pride and anticipation of what's coming. Funny, that just last summer, he said, "I'm not ready to go away to college yet." I remember saying to him,"That's why you've got 5 yrs. left at home!" Now, I'm the one who's thinking, "I'm not ready for you to go away to college yet." It took me 23 yrs. to become a mom and now the years are flying by. Keep snapping your beautiful photos! In the end, they will be your documentation of these special years.

Judy Webb

What soul revealing photos you picked. I know he is going to be successful because he loves to read!! Every time you mention Cole and his reading, my heart swells with happiness for him and for you. I feel like an long distance aunt from your children...and you.


I totally get ya on this one! Logan graduated high school in May. I knew all I ever wanted to be was a mom, but I don't think I ever realized just how hard it would be to let them grow up and be on their own. :-(


I love the similarity in expression in the toddler and teen shots. I think he was in 1st or 2nd grade when I started reading you. High school freshman. Time. It simply doesn't wait.

Kelli Williams

Oh my goodness! Cole was an adorable kid and has grown up into a very good looking young man! He will always be your "little boy"!


My son turned 9 this year, and all I can think is that I'm past the halfway point now. I now have less time with him than time that has already passed. About breaks my heart.


I remember at I was at a Friday night scrapbooking get together and one of the moms said..." Get ready,high school will fly by in a blink", and I thought she was being dramatic.....well, she wasn't dramatic, she was spot on. I know you have experienced it with Ross, and I guess it is just our reminder keep taking those photos, and soak up every minute. Your photos are truly a glimpse in to their world, and we are privileged to share it all with our loved ones. I am sure your heart melted when you saw him on the big screen. Happy graduation to Cole and you your too!


Congrats Cole! Karen you are doing such a wonderful job as a mama :) I know at times it doesn't feel like it but it shows. Love the photo's you chose.


so hard to believe! The years fly by -- so the good news is that you were an awesome docu- MENTOR and will be able to see those little faces any time when they are not right beside you! I am so thank ful for Photography!

Carrie Purkis

You've raised Cole to love the Lord and to trust Him! Keep Praying! Enjoy the years as days and moments.
Love following your journey with your family, Carriep


Same with my son! Four more year left will be goes fly!


At least you know your photos would be the best on the screen!!! along with your boy.... my girlfriend at our old school (actually Libby S) who did your January course used to laugh because the best two pictures on the screen at assembly were of her child and mine...........and I took the photo of her child and mine all the other Mum's could tell because they were really nice. Libby & I used to laugh about it. It is amazing even going back 2 years how much younger our kids look.....time is flying by that's for sure. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane



God has given you amazing children and without a doubt I'm so
Very privileged to be their aunt. I bawled looked at this
one of Coley as a toddler recalling your home in Scapoosse at
The time and all you had in front of you. You and he have grown
All this while and blossomed together.

Love you sis!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

So crazy! I've been reading your blog since about the time he was in that Superman tee (maybe before?), and it's been an amazing journey. Time flies! Or, my favorite: The days are long, but the years are short. My older son is headed into middle school next year, and my younger son is Annie's age, and I'm starting to feel it: they're (more than) halfway through life at home with us... Only a few more years to get them ready to go out on their own!


Ours are 15 and 13....I so get it too. :(


Hello...are you there? We miss your stories...


I worry when you disappear for longer periods of time, praying everything is good.


I love the pictures as always. I'm sure that was a hard realization :( Miss You!!!


Treasure him (you do). My son is heading to Chico in the Fall. They turn around one day and you realize their eyes are looking at you but their mind is on the next big thing, and you're not in it. A normal thing, a good thing but a really hard thing.

Lynda Paredes

I know that feeling!! We had to submit those 3 photos @ my son's last high school band banquet! It hit me there. Luckily he's attending community college in our town, but time is running out.


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