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Such a fun post, great pics! I loved seeing real maps, paper maps! Something we all use to use, but now we refer to our phones to find our way:(

Shan Laux

why does wrestling always (always in this house) result in tears?! looks like a good time! :) love the small town pics...and the kiddos getting along.

Kirsten J

Epic. And I just figured out my 15 year old has never been on one of those merry go rounds. Gotta go on a field trip!


Love the ones in the spa tub the most. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


You ate at the Pancake House! A wonderful place. Glad you enjoyed Idaho this year! Love your blog.


Even with the teen angst, it looks like you are having a good time! I think you are right about the merry-go-rounds! Probably too many kids flying off them. I don't see many long straight slides either.
Courtney Lee's hair is so lovely! I love seeing how your kids interact with each other! You done good!


1. I am SICK knowing that you were in Boise. It's where I live. How I would have loved to meet you! In fact, my husband and I were making plans recently for a summer trip and we will be near the town that I think you live in. I thought "I wonder if I could meet Karen while we're there?" Then I realized that was sort of dumb since you don't know me from Adam. Still - it would have been fun to meet you in Boise!

2. I love the fact that you guys do a service project on vacation. (Later post - I'm catching up.) I've thought about that, too, as I look forward to our summer vacation. There is not a chance in the world I could get my kids to do that. I really admire you and your husband. You might not be perfect, but you sure seem to be incredible parents!


The last picture is AH...MAZING, simple, beautiful, emotional. Although I can't think of a single photo of yours that I didn't like, that one really speaks to my heart.

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