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Shannon Brouwer

love that you share your life with us :)

Megan W

I know I shouldn't laugh at others but you had me chuckling at my desk when I read #6. Hopefully, you're laughing too. P.S. It's totally something I would do - the strangest things end up in my fridge!


Always love reading about you and your family.


I'm anxiously waiting for the puppy post!:)


I can't wait to see this puppy!
And since I couldn't take the class, can i at least come and help you wrap presents?
I hope the sleep problems get sorted out. I had to buy ear plugs, put Kerry on an allergy pill, and get me a prescription nasal spray in order to get a decent sleep around here.


I love that you share so openly with us! Wish I could take your new class, I know it's going to be awesome!


I can't wait to see more about the dog! (Still thinking about getting one here)


Love your stories - but a little on the intermittent sleep thing! ME TOO!!! I am contributing it to age? I don't know what it is, but I can't stand it.


if i got just that one image in a whole day, i'd be thrilled. you're amazing. wish i could take your class. waiting for the puppy post! he's surely going to provide the picture ops your teenagers are making you miss out on! my kids aren't teenagers and they've already begun with the "No Pictures Please."


:)))) Beta's can use a little ginger in their life too! As a participant in your class, I am extremely excited to receive each and every gift you've prepared and wrapped....and abundantly blessed to receive the pleasure of your spirit and energy in my world for one whole year! And for those of you not able to take the class, I believe in the trickle effect and know that the benefits and love will all come full circle! xxooo


glad im not the only mom struggling with a kiddo. Mine just turned 12 and he's killing me!
#6 made me laugh out loud, and I thank you for sharing it. I needed the laugh.

stephanie ackerman

I seriously love you and I dont even know you although I wish I that creepy? I am not a creeper, I promise.


You are so awesome, funny, normal!! Can't wait to see our special gifts!!


How did I miss a new class???? I need to pay closer attention. Also, my kids were late more than once!


I have taken a screen time break and haven't been online as much, or trying to at least. A few minutes before I head to my oldest's place with the younger ones... Scrolling back catching up with your blog and you. Oh my gosh! I have missed lots! I hear you on the teenagers and their complaining about you taking their photo. Ugh! Ready to wring my 17 yr old's neck. She is TERRIBLE!! (and not just with the photos) I need to read closer to learn more about this new class?? :)


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