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Andrea :)

Yay! You are back! We have missed you. So good to "see" you again! :) Hugs!

Colleen Barron

I couldn't agree with Andrea more. So good to see you back! :)

Kelli Williams

Oh goodness those kits are cute!
Courtney Lee is so grown up in the last shot!

Anna from RI

Seriously…Josh napped sitting up on the floor with a comfy couch nearby!? LOL


Yea Courtney! Fun fun fun!

Shan Laux

I am so happy you are "back" too :) Those kits are so cute and 3 kits...why have I never thought of that? I have 4 kiddos...would have made life easier...haha. Girls are like sister is 24 and was sad no one called her to do eggs with any of the kiddos. I'm lucky enough to have two girls so I can't wait..for a lifetime of baking together and shopping and all those fun things. I've missed you for sure. :)


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