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It's settled. We're packing and moving up north to become a part of your family. You make my heart happy whenever you blog.

Sue Tonga

It looks like a wonderful celebration Karen. And your photos capture it beautifully, as always. x


Amazing how well your whole family gets along! (Not to mention parents!!) Love seeing all of your beautiful pics!!!

Mary Jo Griego

I LOVE the photo of Courtney Lee and your Grandpa looking at each other! The one right before the golf photos.

Positive K9 Training

Looks like a really great day you guys had together :)

Andrea :)

Lovely, lovely photos of a beautiful celebration! :) Hugs!


The photo of the three of them with their birthday hats all crooked is- adorable.
We have all missed your stories...


The last black/white pic-the one of courtney and grandpa---awesome!! That one is totally worth printing and hanging in her room.


Great photos of what looks like a wonderful day!


The photo of Courtney Lee laying on Grandpa's shoulder truly melts my heart. Been following your family for a long time now. These photos really hit me with that sense of time flying by.


What special the joy and emotion on everyone's faces. I feel the same as Yolanda...time is flying! So glad you have it all captured.


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