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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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I am biased and would say the year I took it is the one everyone should audit, but really, I think because you (Karen), also learned as we went, the most current class would be the one to audit. Really, any time is a great one!

Juli P

Well, nothing can really compare to Karen's class...but if someone is looking for a good hands on class with instructor participation, you might look into Lynne Rigby at has a good class: Beyond the Basics, from Auto to Manual and also a Beyond the Basics, for the already manual shooter. I've taken both classes in the past and they're pretty good!
they're not The Photographers' Workshop good, but are good!


What if you took a class previously, our auditing price is 95.00, could we audit the more recent class? I took it way back in 2009!!!

Karen Russell

Hi My!!!

Yes, if you're a past student, you can still audit for $95.

The site won't let past students sign up for a workshop that already took place though, so students who have already taken The Photographers' Workshop, but want to audit a past class can send the $95 via Paypal, and then email me and I'll manually add them to a past workshop.


How long do we have access to the materials once we purchase the course for audit?


Can't wait to see your spring break photos! I need some inspiration to pick up the camera! Been in a rut lately. Being the mom to teenagers doesn't offer nearly as many photo ops. :-(

Karen Russell

I give students access to everything for a minimum of TWO YEARS.

And I'm working on those Spring Break photos Shari!!!


yay!!! checked in with your blog and stumbled upon this post. i'm all signed up and can't wait to dig in, thanks for listening and offering this up for us :) -angela


I'm thinking of purchasing the audit workshop but I was wondering if there will be an option to audit the new updated workshop you are working on when it comes out and is there a guesstimate for cost? TIA

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