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That's awesome!

Andrea :)

That is so great! Way to go, Cole! :)


That is awesome, Karen!! My daughter is kind of interested, but the boys are not at all. :-( Maybe they will come around sometime. I am jealous that you still have your D700. I wish I had kept mine instead of selling it. My daughter uses a D40 we bought for her and it makes me CRAZY. It is so hard to change settings, etc.


Thats so exciting! Way to go Cole! At the hometown workshop in 2012, we could already tell he has a photographers eye (he noticed and took sunflare shots).
One of my sons is interested in photography and won honorable mention in Boys Life magazine. I think that's more exciting than if I was published somewhere.
And, a new 50mm... But you're not telling which? I'd love a review when you're ready.


Smiling big for you over here. You must be so proud!

Sherry G

Will you adopt me? ;) That is awesome that he is not only interested but obviously a quick student.


Awesome! How old is he?


What an amazing gift and legacy you are passing down!!!


This brought tears to my eyes! I hope Cole loves photography for many years! (or forever!) Maybe that means more photos of you! Great job both of you!

Linda J

Yea Cole! A wonderful opportunity for him to be taught by you - and high praise from his school teacher is an extra plus.


Goosebumps! Hooray!

Anna from RI

That is WICKED awesome… had to let my RI'er out with that ;) Hugs!


How cool is it to pass on the things you love!

Makes me want to go back and review, and finish those lessons I never made it all the way through....

So happy we always have that access!

Go Cole!



Wonderful, warm, worthy!! LOVE!!

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