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Karen, I just love these posts! My favourite parts are seeing you in front of the camera and instead of always behind it. I love love love the photo of Josh cracking himself up. My son looks just like that when he cracks up.


I'm a calf girl too! ;) Love these images and all the feelings they capture. Ferndale seems like a really neat place.


Such fabulous photos. Gosh, I am amazed at how I am seeing all the strong family resemblances.....crazy! You and your and Annie...Josh and Cole....strong genes! And just to let you know...I LOVE the scandalous photos. Good for you to take Mac with you on this working vacation....and love that you have the history of hearing your friends at open mic! Excellent blog post.


Thank you for the David Gray fix. ;-) I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed these photographs of your getaway. I couldn't stop smiling through both posts. You nailed it, treasures for sure. <3


It makes my heart so happy to see your face on my computer screen. Love that I felt like I was looking at Annie all grown up.

Libbi M.

Beautiful photos. Beautiful story!

Crsytal Paul

Such a lovely post - left me smiling, for sure! Please, please, please (one too many???) do a post on using your self timer and getting into shots...


I'm such a complimentary person that sometimes I think my compliments go in one ear and right out the hope you really really hear this one: though you may have stopped taking as many photos, I SEE your soul when I look at your latest photos. And that to me is the best compliment any photographer could ever hear. And its is a privilege to witness. xxooo

Andrea Katolin

I also love the pictures with you in them. Did you use the niter cal timer or sled timer on them? Any tips for getting exposure/focus right when using those?


Wow you are starting to look like your mom more and more especially when you laugh. lol


Omg, your Mac is huge!! Would like to get one myself...recommendations? Always been a PC girl though. I agree, loving all the pix with you in it and would love to learn the secrets of how you captured such great awesome memories. Looking gorgeous, what a fun date!


"downright scandalous"haha! I wasn't sure what bathtub picture you would have posted that people would have been upset over. When I followed the link and saw I was reminded of how much I loved that bathtub shot.

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