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Denise M

Absolutely beautiful!!!


So much fun together! Looks like a wonderful time : )


It looks like many wonderful memories were made...the expressions on your faces were wonderful. Gosh, you and Yans look alike...and it is getting more and more evident as she grows older. Lucky mom, lucky daughter!


looks like you had a blast. The looks that pass between you two are so sweet. Can't wait to see part 2! :)



christine weeks

Great great pictures!! :)


I cannot express how much I love these photos and of course the subjects. xxoo


Love, Love, Love....


I just wanted to say that I love these photos. And I'm jealous that you were able to take candids of you & Josh together. This is something that I have not been able to do.


Awesome-how cool! Encourages me to pick up my big camera more!


These are absolutely priceless photos! Beautiful!


I love them all! It's so great to see more photos with you in them!


just beautiful!

Kathy R.

Awwww, I just love them all!

Audrey V

best selfie ever!!

Deanna Misner

Gah! These are GORgeous! Seriously. I love every last one of these.

Lacey Meyers

Oh goodness... treasures for sure! These are all so lovely and REAL. <3

Sara M

I love all the photos you take but I have to say these two post about your trip are some of my favorite pictures you have taken. LOVE THEM!


Karen - just love the shooting you did! Can you talk a little more about the interval timer and the set-up you had when you captured all those awesome candids of the two of you....especially at the beach - how did you do that??? Thanks for sharing and giving us a peek into your sweet relationship.

Anna from RI

Aw! I LOVE them Karen!! They are awesome beyond words. Thank you for sharing :)

Lisa A

Absolutely amazing photos! These make me want to run, grab my husband, grab my camera, and just go be us with the camera set up. Thanks for sharing these!


Deliciously beautiful!! :)


Loving the love.

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