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Karen - that sun flare! Beautiful! It tugs at me; I feel that light calling to me. I need to get my camera out tonight and capture some memories.


The most beautiful way I've ever heard of what photography means to someone. And in these pictures you sure captured sweetness, connections, light, love and life!!!


These photographs are beautiful! Sun, snow, and spirit! You have captured the essence of fun, with intention. I can relate to some of your aches. I feel guilty about missed moments I see (especially when its looks like a perfectly lit and composed shot handed to me on a platter), but still don't pick up my camera. I try and fend the guilt off by telling myself its okay, I'm just supposed to sit still and be in the moment, but it sort of gnaws at me.

Lacey Meyers

Hi Karen! I'm so happy to see images from you. :) I wanted to tell you in my email that I was missing your blogging, but didn't want to pressure you. These images are magnificent and as always, make me feel like I'm right there with your family experiencing the fun. I love Ross's beard and Skye looks like she fits in perfectly!! And what gorgeous light. <3 Please don't be hard on yourself for not wanting to take photos lately. The guilt will become associated with your shooting... the desire WILL come back but in the meantime just LIVE the moments and be present. :)


I have always always always loved your photography but these pictures are AMAZING! the lighting, the movement, everything.....i love the pictures where is moving snow (throwing etc). You are amazing my cyber friend....absolutely amazing! One day I will take a picture like you.

Kirsten J

Oh my heck, you're a poet and a photographer! You capture life so very well.....thank you for sharing and inspiring me. Ah-maze-balls!


The light in these photos is amazing. the photo of Cole...the light on his face...and so many more...goosebumps. And with this series, again.....time...the time has flown by....but the smiles are still there. That's truly a treasure, and you captured it perfectly.

p.s. Did you do custom WB since you were in and out of the sun....and were you shooting RAW? Thanks.

Libbi M.

Hi Karen, I'm so happy you came thru my line at Costco the other day. I was so happy to see you. It really did put a smile on my face the rest of that day. When you asked me if I was shooting much, I said yes but actually I haven't. I was a little embarrassed to admit to you that I wasn't. I've been feeling the same way about shooting lately. My heart aches too for the lack of shooting. Maybe it's because of all the fog we've had in our weather lately, maybe it's because things have been so crazy busy in my life (probably just like 99% of everybody in the world.), maybe it's because my 92 year old grandfather (who lived in Grants Pass) passed away back in October and my heart aches so much because I miss him. Maybe it's because I have a 9 year old who was recently diagnosed with high functioning autism. Maybe it's because I have a 15 year old daughter who is so awesome. She's a straight "A" student who puts so much pressure on herself to be the best. Not sure where she gets that from because neither myself or her dad were over achievers in high school. Maybe it's because I just had surgery the other day to remove a lymph node from my right breast for detection of breast cancer. I have faith in God that all will be fine. Maybe it's because my husband has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the past 11 years & it hurts so much to watch him struggle to walk.

Karen... I love your blog and how you write. It's so organic and I love that about you. You put your feelings out there for all of us to read. I'm sure some of us can relate to how you feel because some of us have been there too. I've been there. I've read all of your blog posts & sometimes when I'm reading one, I say to myself "that sounds just like what I'm going thru" and it's refreshing to hear thru your blog I'm not the only one feeling the same thing.

Karen... Keep shooting and blogging. I'm cheering you on as your #1 fan (but I'm sure you have a lot of #1 fans). I think I'm going to take a walk in downtown Ashland today with my Canon and my favorite 50mm f/1.2 for a creative photo walk and some good old fashioned decompression time that will do my body & spirit some good.

Love you Karen & hope to see you again soon!

Libbi M.

Hi Karen... It's Libbi again. I'm going to post this blog link because I think you really might enjoy reading it. It's my very favorite (next to your blog of course) because her husband was deployed the same time Josh was. At one point, I was wondering if maybe her husband (Paul Cripe) might have meet during their deployment. Elise was newly pregnant when Paul was deployed and following her story was a delight to read. It still is. She's an avid crafter, reader, writer, mother to her beautiful 18 month old daughter, Ellerie.

Check it out if you want to. I think you will really enjoy it!

Deanna Misner

Oh Karen, I've missed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pics so much! They're SUCH an inspiration! Thank you for sharing these. I look forward to when you're shooting on a regular basis again. In the meantime, chin up, hang in there and be patient. Hope all is well with you.

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