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Kim H.

YAY!!! Love that you are blogging again!


The resemblance between Cole and Ross is amazing in these photos. I guess I never noticed it before the beard.


Oh glory! So glad to see you again!


Hello Karen, Gosh it is great to see your post! And as I look at your photos, I am taken back by how grown up ALL of your kiddos are. How did that happen? Such beauty in those mountains, those trees, and all that green. I can almost breathe in and smell the fresh. Thanks for taking the time to share your loves with us. We do appreciate and look at each shot...and try to figure out your magic.


yay! yay! yay! i missed your posts!


Holy beard Ross!!


Love the lighting! Love the group outing! Love the beard, oh, wait, no I don't! Why hide that cute face under that rug?


So good to have you back!

Andrea :)

Wheeee, you're back! Karen, your photos are absolutely stunning! (And the light is so so lovely!) :) Hugs!

Sandra Klary

Oh my gosh! Can we talk about Ross' beard? ;)
Just kidding - kind of! Lovely pictures as always!

Sasha Farina

Ross!! Your beard! haha.. so weird to see you with a beard! welcome back Karen.. I'm so glad to see a new post! I've been visiting everyday hoping for one!


Love the beard, love how beautiful your part of the country is, and LOVE that you're back!!


YAY YOU'RE BACK;) Seriously Ross, that beard!! HOLY CRAP! I'm pretty sure my 38 y.o. husband would be jealous!


Glad to see you are blogging again! I missed you and seeing the kiddos!

Tera E

I guess Josh was right!! I came to see if you had posted anything, and was going to email you to see how you were if you hadn't ... Good to see you back!!


Whoa... Never realized how much Ross and Cole resemble each other. They have same smiling eyes! Glad you're feeling it again and sharing with us in this space.


I check everyday, looking for you! I love the beard! I love seeing your family grow! I love your photos and darnit, Oregon is just simply beautiful!


These photos are stunning! Glad you are back to it!!!


Glad you're back! Ross looks like a Yeti!


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