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You're amazing!!!!


I love reading your blog. It makes me realize I am not alone. Two weeks ago I decided to be a DOER. In this short time, I have seen how this change has positively impacted my home and work lives. The biggest impact has been how good I have been feeling.


I wasn't able to get past the captcha on your last post, so here's the comment for that one:

I had to do a double take there at first because I thought I was the only one still posting about Christmas in February. Glad to know I'm in good company. :) I kept waiting for a Boston terrier to make its appearance at the end but good on you for sticking to your guns! And my kids LOVE adventures in odyssey too! Wooton is my favorite. (And how do you cook rutabagas??)

ps- I want to be a DOER too. Love the quote, too.


Awesome, just plain awesomeness. Thank you Karen. I think I shall print this little post out and re-read it FREQUENTLY!

Anna from RI

Oh my! Today's speshle is EXACTLY the back and forth I live each day, struggling with perspective. I know it's my "word" for AYITM, but it really comes down to a choice. Pretty simple concept, right? I can choose which perspective, however in THE moment… it all goes out the window! Think I'm going to print this out and put on my "board". How can one person be so insightful? Hugs…

Andrea :)

awwww, this is beautiful! Thank you, Karen. It is such a good reminder!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I think every mom in the world needs that perspective now and then. Thanks for sharing with us!


Love this. Love love love.


love it!! thanks! xxooo


Love this!! Thanks Karen


Today's 'speshle' is perfectly 'perfect'....thanks for being you.


You are so wise! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


My sister and her three kids have been staying with us in order to escape a violent husband. At times we have driven each other nuts. But they're safe. And it's a blessing that she's found the courage to move forward with her life. Thanks for the reminder.

Danelle Johnson

I have turds at our house too. I haven't checked in on your blog in a LONG time. I apologize, I can't believe how grown the kids look, but then again, that crazy thing is happening here too. (sigh) You have such a way with words....always enjoy it.

Hope you are all well and it's great to catch up with all your wee ones, even if they aren't so wee any more. I will try not to be such a stranger.




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