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And now I am singing "Sanctuary" by Randy Rothwell Sanctuary. One of my favorites. Thanks for the reminder!


Love this!

Megan W

I love the message of this post. For us, part of building that sanctuary is having a picked-up home. I'm not the best house keeper (by a long shot!) and can let things get cluttered way too easily. But I'm always recommitting to a picked-up home and building a home that feels good to come home too. That should include the intangibles (you've written about here) along with the physical. Thanks for this reminder.

Andrea :)

I LOVE this, Karen! Again, you have spoken to my heart. Hugs! :)


Is it coincidence that you've posted this right as I completed a book which talks about the home as a sanctuary? I don't think so!! It is said that when the timing is right, all things help you along....thanks for helping! xxoo - and way to go chica!


I ADORE this post Karen! You put into words exactly what I want my house to be but have never been able to adequately describe. I am going to share this post with my family at dinner tonight. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.


So beautiful! In thinking about the challenges you shared with us a while back about having a hard time photographing those often moody teenagers, this is just amazing. You are a wonderful reminder that being intentional and following through really matter. Thank you.

Amy Coose

This post was exactly what I wanted and NEEDED to read today. Thank you for the inspiration, and real look into your life. You are influencing me to be a better person, a better mother and a better Christian.


Every child should feel like their home is their safe place, their sanctuary. What wonderful life lessons you are teaching your children!



nancy boothe

No family is perfect all the time. Emotional maturity is so rare these days, and most kids are never taught to think about others. We have plenty of entitled little princes and princesses growing up, but the ones who learn what you are teaching your kids will keep life sane and happy for those around them.


Well said and involving the children and taking ownership of their behaviour or annoying habits is great. Good break through...despite contrary belief as parents we do not enjoying "repeating ourselves" and/or getting to the state of yelling....and we know they don't like hearing it either but it only usually escalates after I have asked nicely a few times. Great job....I might try this with my family. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


This post just made my day. I love the way your mind thinks, and how clearly you can communicate your thoughts. I can see my family in yours, and you always have a way of making me feel normal/human. Thank you for continuing to post honest, heartfelt blog posts. I hope you realize how much your posts affect other people's lives in such a positive way. Keep being you!


I absolutely love this.


I thought annie was taking the easy way out by agreeing with everyone then I read about Deedle and I got all teary! Poor Deedle! I know you think you are not the best at this parenting thing, but I think you've got it!


I love this.


Any parents that sit down with their kids and have a family discussion like this one and make plans to be more compassionate and merciful to each other are good parents in my book! I love that you asked each child to share what they felt was going right and what they felt was going wrong instead of just telling them what was going to happen from now on and what was going to stop. Often times, children are not given an opportunity to voice their opinions and when they do they are dismissed as if they don't matter or are trivial.
Kudos to you and Josh!


Cultivating ourselves. Always. That's all we can do, give it our best.You are doing so awesome!


Your commitment to making the best family and home you can is really amazing...even when you get it wrong that fact that you try so hard is what is important. You have an amazing family!


I love how you are both on the same page with your commitment to your children and family. What awesome parents you are!

Julie in Aust.

Feeling a bit down today so your last 2 posts brought on the misty Thanks for the uplift...appreciated.


oh my gosh! I love this so much - it brought tears to my eyes. We need to have this talk in our house too!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

beautiful, Karen!


Hellllo, it's March 6th.....📷😬


Cheers to the parents who get it.


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