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Libbi M.

happy birthday miss annie!

Judy Webb

Happy Birthday Miss Annie!! You are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!!

Kathy C.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday Annie! :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Happy Birthday to Annie! wow - 9 already? Are you sure she isn't 5 or something? please? sigh ... I remember reading about you bringing her home! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and photographs with us all these years Karen.

Julie Pilch

Happy Birthday Annie!! I have watched Annie grow alongside my own 9 year old who celebrated her birthday two weeks ago. I just can't believe they are 9 already!!! Hope Annie has a wonderful day today and a fab party tomorrow. Best Wishes from the UK xxxx

Jennifer S

Happy Happy Day to Sweet Annie! It does feel like we all watch her grow up on your blog... I started reading after meeting you back in 2007, she was just a baby! love to all of you!

Lacey Meyers

Happy Birthday, Annie! Like everyone else, I feel like I've watched her grow up, Karen ... how can she be 9 already?? <3


Happy birthday Annie! Enjoy your special day.


Last year in single digits :-) Happy birthday, Annie!


Wow!! I can't believe she is 9 already! Happy, Happy birthday, sweet girl.


It's hard to realize that it has been 9 years since she was born...and that I have followed you for even longer than that...oh gosh...blinking fast the time has flown. I so appreciate you sharing your stories, your ups and "downs", and your every day....but I so appreciate your talent. And feel so fortunate that I was able to take your class. Loved you you now. Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy 9th birthday, Annie!


Aw, Happy Birthday Annie!!!!


I think you look like twins in the lego shot, only one twin is 20 years older!
Happy birthday, Annie!


Happy Birthday Annie!


Happy Birthday Annie!!!!


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