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I love your daughter's pompom hat!


My kids would love that shirt!
LOVE the group shot! Yay for strangers who take in focus shots! Or any stranger that offers to take a shot really!


Gosh, Ross is a man now....with an ugly t-shirt. lol jk


Feeling so lucky to have another set of new photos....hooray for you! I agree with you mom...UGLY shirt!


All of the kids are lovely, but that pic of Courtney is amazing. She is such a pretty young lady. Glad you had a great visit with Ross and his girlfriend! She's cute, too!


Ross really needs to shed the beard, he used to be super hot but now.... lol


Such a beautiful family. I hardly ever comment, but stalk your blog waiting on a new post :) the group shots are my fave. Especially all the kids. And while I don't have any of the issues that Annie has, I find it very interesting to read about. Just further proves the fact that we are all unique individuals and what's great for one, food wise, can be wrong and painful for another. Thanks for sharing what you've learned.

Nancy B.

After reading all those -ol words I got so overwhelmed about how you would ever find your way through that maze of foods Annie could eat. You should get some kind of mother- of- the- century award for digging through all that just so you can feed your little gal. Those of us that don't have those issues have no clue what some people go through just to stay alive and healthy.

Georgianna Hildebrand

I missed you, Karen! and your family! Plus, this is a great post for my SIL, who's son is having issues with his tummy. I'll forward it on to her.
Glad you're back!


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