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How cool! Love her expression in the last two photos.


Omg! I was waiting for this announcement! She will love her Boston, they are such great dogs! Are you getting the puppy locally? I've had a hard time finding any around here. Congrats Annie!


All of the dog supplies were killing me!!!! Can't wait to meet Gent Dixon!!!!

Tera E

Love!!! Crazy but it brought tears to my eyes because I knew how happy she'd be!! So exciting!!


Is that other girl int he witness protection program, or what?


Such fun. Love how you have all the balloons behind....looks so festive. I see the kiddos changing, and getting older, but gosh...your family still looks just the same as they did ten years ago. What a wonderful day to celebrate with family and friends.


Lucky girl! I was wondering if ever wanting a dog so much was going to pay off!


Awww! I love the name! We are a "Boston family"-as far back as my great grandparents. They are such wonderful dogs!

Kelli Williams

Love her expression! Can't wait to see this puppy, Mr. Gent Dixon!


Last two photos have me in tears. So lovely for her.

Deanna Misner

Beautiful pics yet again. I love the balloons in the background, and huge congrats on the soon-to-be puppy that's coming your way.


We have a Boston and they are such fun dogs! She will love him!


Wow what an amazing gift for Anne. So happy for her. We have recently got a puppy and she is the best thing ever/. We all love her to bits!


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