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High five.


Holla!! So happy things are better for you guys! Happy Cashewing Annie! xxoo


So happy to hear she is doing better. Taking a natural approach and healing the body from within takes time. That's why most people don't go that route. Kudos to you Karen for being the one to take this on for your child. Not an easy task.


Hooray for healing. Good naturopaths are Amazing! After a GI specialist said this was my new normal (not acceptable) my new naturopath found that I couldn't digest eggs. I thought I was being healthy eating eggs every morning. I'm only 3 weeks egg free and feel 100% better. And the naturopath was 1/10 the cost of all the Drs bills from this year.


Yes!! This is wonderful - well, not that Annie needs such a strict diet, but that you finally found out what is making her ill. A friend of mine (40 years old) started the FODMAP-diet 6 months ago and is feeling much better. Not an easy diet in daily life, so congratulations to you and Josh for pulling that off. :-)

Amy Mason

I too was recently diagnosed with IBS and have been on a fodmap diet for several months. I found soy (in ALL it's versions) was a big trigger for me. Soy lecithin is in SO many things! What brand of chocolate was Annie eating? Theo's chocolate (which is local for me) is the only chocolate I have found that is soy free. Good luck, I know once I started to feel better the diet was not as horrible, feeling good is a good motivator to not eat food I shouldn't.


I'm so happy you have found an answer! Can't think of anything worse than seeing your kid in pain. Yay for Annie!


What a great post..with wonderful photos and good news. Keep it are an amazing mama.

Lacey Meyers

Karen, I think you'll be surprised to know how interesting this post is to your readers! We've all grown to care about you and your family and I'm grateful that you let us in on knowing how Annie is doing. :) You're such a good mama. :)


I'm so happy to read this post! I find it very interesting! I'm back on the eating better wagon. I was having a few weak moments around Christmas, okay, not a few, many! And my body was giving me the warning symptoms. I feel so much better now. I wish I could say the naturopath was cheaper, but our medical pays 100% of the traditional dr, and very little of the naturopath. Hence one of the reasons I could not join your recent adventure!
I'm so glad Annie is feeling better!


So happy you're back to blogging. Josh was right; it was time. Even happier that you are at a place where Annie is doing better. God bless you guys!


Yea! So happy to hear this news!


I'm so glad to hear your dd is doing better!!! :) It's great to see do many pictures from you again! Could you share how you do selfies- how you choose your settings?

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

So glad to hear she is doing better! yay!


So glad you guys are making progress. Her tears over cashews totally broke my heart. Can't imagine what they did to her mamas! :/ hang in there! Sending you both love & prayers!!

Dana F.

This is not a snoozefest post!

To read that she's been symptom free for three months has made my heart so happy!!
I've followed your blog since Annie was just a toddler. And I, too, have IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, and food intolerances. Thinking of a chld dealing with this breaks my heart. She's lucky to have a mama like you, who hasn't stopped trying to figure it all for her.

I hope she continues to recover and feel her very best! ❤️


That is such wonderful news Karen that you have such a good Naturopath, there is nothing worse than doing your best to provide healthy foods and she is still not feeling well. Great work for still researching until you found something that really works in this case a great health care professional and being a Naturopath......even better. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


The FODMAP diet is complicated and depressing at first, especially the first elimination phase. I've been on it for almost a year (I have IBS and other GI issues) and it is the best thing ever. Feeling better (like a regular human) and not having to calculate my distance from the nearest toilet at all times far out weigh those things that I miss eating.

Some people with IBS who don't tolerate wheat can eat spelt sourdough bread. Just a suggestion that you might want to look into with the naturopath. I read this blog a lot, but have never commented before. Thank you for sharing the journey and helping others to find out about a diet that might help them or people in their lives.

Audrey V

Thank goodness you are on the right path. You are an awesome mom for your persistence to find the right answer. Help Annie to feel good about knowing what foods she can eat rather than feeling sorry for the foods that she can't eat.

Sherry G

I'm so glad you are back to blogging. I have missed the photos that I could pore over and study composition, capturing people and events and your editing style. I've also missed the family stories.

I am glad to see that you are making progress with Annie and her tummy troubles. Having been diagnosed with IBS over 30 years ago while in college, I can sympathize with you and Annie.


Happy for Yans!!! We are miserable as mothers when something like that is out of whack with our kids. Hey, get friend was diagnosed with Stage 2/3 breast cancer (it was out of the capsule--whatever that means) last March. Instead of the typical route for mastectomy and chemo and stuff, she read EVERYTHING she could read about natural healing and radically changing her diet. The first book she read was called God's Way to Ultimate Health. Really old but good info even for all of us to prevent cancer. She cut out all the processed foods and ate only organic veggies (lots of carrots and smoothies), free range chicken, Asian antioxidant veggies and fruits like goji berries, a few fruits, NO SUGAR or red meat, put filters on all of her water resources, took turmeric like it was an addiction and sat in an infrared sauna idk how many times a week. This week she found out her cancer is GONE!!! Natural foods do clean up our act--it's how God intended for us to eat and heal our bodies in the first place!! High Five to y'all and to my friend, Sandi!!!


Glad to hear you are finally getting some answers and on the right track. I can't even imagine how hard this is for her. And for you Karen, the mom guilt must be awful. Good luck to everyone.


So fantastic to hear that things are going better! I recently changed my families diet and man are the changes amazing. We don't realize what some of those foods can do to us. Happy to hear cashews are good! Those are my favorite and they never last in the house. Why are they so darn expensive. Beautiful lunch photos too! Big hugs!


I am so happy to hear that things are improving for you and Annie!!!!!

Jen Daniele (formerly Central Point)

So happy to hear that you have her on the road to recovery!!!


So glad you're both getting some relief!

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