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But Karen, you are brilliant teacher! And as for your new idea, it sounds Very intriguing! Can't wait to find out the details!

Jennifer S

So excited for you Karen! Everything you do, you do it so so well!!Worth every penny! xoxoxo


I so wish I could do your new venture! But I can't swing it at this time. Insert saddest of sad faces here. But I'll expect full updates from Cathy! And anyone else I know that is doing it.
And there's nothing like a bearded child to make a mom feel older.


I can't wait to hear about your new adventure. Very exciting!

Erin in IA

Oohh...can't wait for that email to come to the past students about your new adventure. :) I have been thinking about taking another class or doing the auditing session of yours.
My Birthday is tomorrow - Happy early Birthday!

Nicky from Okotoks

You will rock out this new adventure - and I too will follow along with my fellow Hometown workshop girls as this is not in the cards for me at this time either. So know that the group that takes this will have such an amazing year. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and miss you.


Can't wait to hear the details!!!

Tara Adams

Oh, my. The beard!

And am SO SO tempted to join you with your new venture... will have to speak to hubby as would involve rather large travel expenses...


Today Is Sunday-- so Happy Birthday!!! Birthday Blessings to YOU!!


Happy Birthday, Nellie!! <3


Happy belated birthday! So thrilled to be able to participate in this new adventure!


Helllllo! Are you still there??


You guys doin ok?? Missing my fav blogger. Hope Annie is feeling better.


Mother Hens worry - are you OK? Miss you!

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