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Your rain photos of your family are awesome! So inspiring!
Merry Christmas to you again!

Denise M

Merry Christmas!!!!

Kelli Wilson

I've been lurking for awhile and when I saw these photos I couldn't help but feel happy for you. I can tell you had a great time taking these pictures. It really seems like you got your photo groove back (I remember you posting about your struggling with that earlier in the year). Merry Christmas!


Love the photos, man, those are some good looking kids!
I do have two questions tough, what in the world is Annie drinking from Starbucks and where did you get those amazing tups the girls are eating out of? I hate my food touching, and those look great for lunches!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Kirsten J

Merry Christmas Karen - thank you for sharing and inspiring me in so many ways!


Merry Christmas! What a beautiful tree! I love the soggy wet dog at the end. :)


You can get a tree permit?! That's it... just one more reason to move to Oregon. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, Karen! xo


Merry Christmas, Karen Nellie Olson Russell Downs!! Love the gorgeous tree--we could see it fine!! lol


I love the one of them just before cutting the tree! Josh looks super sexy with that saw! Poor Shelby doesn't look thrilled with the new seating arrangement.


Merry Christmas...Love the pictures! You guys look like you can have crazy fun no matter the weather!


So impressed at the photos despite the rain! Also, LOVE the one of Josh and Courtney hugging - turned me to mush :)


Merry everything! So lovely.


That family photo - even the pups is looking! Love reading about your tree hunt every year!


My outdoorsy, camping heart is so jealous of your scenery out there! Fantastic pictures and looks like a fun time!

Kelli Rootes

Such beautiful photos Karen! You've captured such a simple trip in such a magical way. We just put up a fake tree here in hot Brisbane, Australia so looking at your photos makes me want to hunt for a tree!


These are such amazing photos! So vivid :)


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