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I love this post! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it all out. I have been cooking/feeding my family a modified primal diet for the last 2 years. The hardest part is all the planning that is required, I miss being able to throw a frozen pizza in the oven when we're short on time but I sure don't miss the way it would make me feel. It's not easy but so worth it!

Audrey V

woo hoo, good for you! I've been paleo for 3 or 4 years and I love it. I too still struggle with the extra 10-15 pounds, but I have to give it time to work out the other issues. My husband actually started paleo this week to help with his anxiety. I'm so happy to see so many people eating healthy, I think it is the key to our health. Just something to think about, eating gluten occasionally might be doing you more harm than you know.
But give yourself a big pat on the back, you are totally awesome and you should feel good about taking charge of your family's health.
When I first went paleo, I felt like I cooked ALL the time, but it does get easier and you become more efficient as time goes on. And it is just relaxing to be in the kitchen, making something healthy for your family.


Oh my goodness, that is my list for not enjoying cooking too! Especially "Because I feel like the whole weight of everyone's health is riding on my shoulders." Oh man, the guilt we place on ourselves! Thank you for this post and for the great detail. I know I will refer back to it often.


A lazy suzan IN THE FRIDGE. My life is changed.


Let me begin by saying that I really enjoy your blog! And this especially motivational. You are doing something I do not have the self motivation or self control to be successful at...and I wish I did. I would LOVE to cut sugar out of my diet. :)

Please take the rest of this with a grain of salt. I don't want to discourage you or sound negative. However, I feel kind of responsible to tell you about yerba mate tea. (And maybe you already know this)? Yerba mate tea has extremely high levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in it?

I work as a chemist for a chromatography company and my company has done some extensive analyzing of yerba mate tea with shocking results. For comparison, a standard well-barbequed chicken or steak has about 4ng/g of benzo[a]pyrene (the charcoaled part of the chicken or know...those desired grill marks). A single smoked cigarette generates about 10ng of benzo[a]pyrene. And of the 6 brands of yerba mate tea my company analyzed, there is a range between 20-160ng/g of benzo[a]pyrene. In other words, there might be a link between high mate tea consumption and cancer, specifically esophageal cancer. (They are speculating this high PAH level has to do with the way yerba mate tea is processing with wood fires).

Again, take this for what it's worth. :) I'm not trying to be negative or discourage you from what you are doing...just wanted me make sure you are aware of what you are possibly putting in your body.

Keep up with the healthy diet! :)


This is awesome! I respond to my 8 children the same way when they ask what's for dinner: "food!" :) We do the same kind of eating here due to food allergies - love the books "Practical Paleo" & "Mediterrianen Paelo Cooking." She's got meal plans in there too!

Oh, and I use a website called "Plan to Eat" to store all my recipes. I don't like pulling out a binder or several books when I go to cook. You could plan your meals there too but I like regular old paper. :) You can share/view recipes with friend- you could find me at Heather Tully. :)

Andrea Katolin

Thank you so much for sharing this! I did Whole30 a few months ago and I plan to do it again soon. Wondering what your favorite dinner recipes are? Breakfast and lunch are easy for me but when it comes to dinner, I struggle a bit. Thanks for all the tips and inspiration. It's amazing what good food can do. :-)


Stevia is not an artificial sweetener.


That question (what's for dinner?)'s like turning a switch to insanity.

Thanks for the very informative post. Your commitment is amazing.

Here's a tool (Clever Cleaver) I love to use (think carrots and celery). The blade is very sharp, so it's kept AWAY from kiddos.

Janet K

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this information. I have been thinking about changing my way of eating for awhile now. We eat pretty healthy, but I know gluten and sugar and probably dairy are things I need to avoid. I am currently doing a 21 day sugar detox...(kinda sorta... I know, I should go all in).
In June I gave up coffee, and was surprised how easy it was. That is until we went to visit my inlaws last month. I drank coffee, just cause someone made it in the morning... I could have easily made my tea. Well, I have been to the coffee shop every day this week & joint pain is back. I know what I need to do.
I love my crock pot. It saves me on days that I work a little late. Dinner is all made. I also love my food processor. Almond Butter is so easy. For a treat we make "ice cream" with just frozen bananas.

Ruth Tacoma

In April I gave up all flours and sugars because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It made life a little interesting because eating that way is definitely not 'convenient' so I always needed to be prepared with healthy options, even on the go.

I tried a gluten free muffin recipe recently and they tasted amazing, but made me so sick. In the summer it is so easy to eat clean, but cold weather comes and I start wanting a warm muffin and comfort foods like that. I'm going to definitely give your muffin recipe a try, it sounds delicious!

The absolute hardest thing to give up was flavored creamer in my morning coffee. I saw the pumpkin spice creamer in the store and bought one. Big mistake. Not only did it make me feel sick, it honestly did not taste good to me either. Blech. I'm still enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning with half & half, but teas are sounding better these days.

Thanks for sharing your journey! Feel free to share/highlight a recipe from time to time!! :) I always love a good recommendation.


Thank you for this post. It is so packed with great information and very inspiring.


I found your blog by accident recently (I was searching for University of Oklahoma, and found Cole's birthday trip to 'your' OU). It's a nice read, so I've been checking it out since.

As a son, and a former victim of the 'what's for dinner backlash', let me tell you something I learned as a single father.

A parent should always consider 'What's for dinner' as a child's shorthand for "I love you, and you always take such good care of me, and you're such a great cook that everything is always better when you do it - and oh, yeah, I haven't eaten for 15 minutes, and my stomach thinks my throat's been cut'.

After all, Mom and food are the most important things in the world to a kid, and that one simple question sums it all up, along with how excited they are to see you again.

Julie B.

Karen, I really liked this post! Chris and I have been using for 2 years now. It is meal planning made easy. I hate hate hate grocery shopping so I love it because it provides a shopping list each week. It is awesome! And they have a paleo recipe plan!


We eat predominantly paleo in our house as well. I totally understand what you mean about feeling better. It's so weird when people try to discourage you from eating this way and I always tell them that "It just makes me feel better" there's really no other way to describe it. We tend to have favorite recipes and I too use plan to eat and I love it. Its super easy to download all your recipes from the internet and I love that it gives me a basic shopping list and I can input a meal plan. I have pretty much got the meal planning down to a science. Weird as it sounds what works best for me is I have assigned different meats to different Mondays-Pork/Pulled Pork, Tuesday-steak/beef, Wednesday-chicken etc. I just change the way I cook them. It just makes it easier for me. Oh and coconut oil is a life changer. Thanks for sharing! :)


Great post- so motivational and honest! As an alum of your photo class (best all-around photography class ever!), I read your blog for the photography and to keep up with your cute family. I know I should eat this way- thanks for the tips. It's good to know that a regular family can do this. As a retired empty-nester, I really have no excuse. I love how your pantry and fridge look- great ideas! Keep us posted!


Fabulous post!!! I'm curious how you decided to go Paleo/W30 with Annie's diet restrictions (especially nuts and eggs)? I would love to do this, but my daughter is allergic to peanuts and her allergist recommended staying away from all nuts. Thank you!


Okay totally aside from all this great information, what brand of sink is that? I love it!!


That tuna quickie that you posted, is it really just all those ingredients? I'm assuming you chop the pistachios. I love all those ingredients and would love to make that...sounds delicious. Thanks for always such great posts!

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