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Sweet bonding between them..
I don't think if I ever wanna one, ha!


I had to scroll through those pictures so fast. You are a good momma for allowing your child a rat. :)

Liz Williams I love these pictures. I had a pet rat when I was little and I hated that he had to stay in his cage too. Good for Annie.


That last picture is the sweetest! My kids have hankering for a rat - our last one died 3 years ago. Your pictures are helping their cause.


I have a very fond spot in my heart for rats (from my youth) so seeing Annie with one makes me pretty darn happy. Love these shots so much!!


Fink is huge! He looks like he really likes being held! That's so awesome! Great shots too!


You are a better mom than me. No way I would let a rat in my house!!!!


Love these! If I show these to my daughter (an animal lover to the nth degree), I'm sure she'll be wanting a rat, too.
I do have a non-rat question for you. I love those red/green/blue kitchen tiles.... Where did you get them? Or are they white tiles that you covered/decorated yourself?


I still love the story of how she ended up with Finksters!! <3


My son had a couple of rats when he was young. I wasn't thrilled with them (especially the tail) but allowed him to have them because he first wanted one of those huge iguanas that get like 6ft long!


Rats are the best little pets ever!!! LOVE these photos.


RATS ARE GREAT PETS! I have had quite a few at times!

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