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What an awesome surprise!

Andrea :)

Love it! What a super fun surprise! (I am still holding your wise marriage advice from SLC close... thank you, friend!)


So fun!


what a cute story! go you! and go osu!


How cool!

Beth S

I took my husband to a weekend conference years ago and know that he would have much preferred a football game. I'll have to pull this one over on him! Love the snapshots coffee cups too -- would love to buy some!

Amy Jenkins

I absolutely adore this!!! This is something that I am so big on- understanding and getting involved with what they want to do! I know that it has had a huge impact on my marriage (and I often hear from other husbands when I'm with mine that wish they're wives would get involved). But, now, this. . . it totally gives me and idea. . .

(And it would be the easier way to surprise him. . . the one time I tried to take a road trip and surprise him was quite interesting. . .)

Shauna Thompson

That is AWESOME!


Yea you! Looks like so much fun. I have to laugh at the expression on the man's face that was sitting behind Josh. He definitely was having fun watching you take photos. I too LOVE the coffee need to sell them and I know there would be many of us that HAD to have one or two.


You guys are such wonderful wives! I love it and love seeing Coral on your blog.


Ha! I too love the guy behind Josh in that one photo. Too funny. Way to surprise him!!! I wish I could surprise my hubby like that. But, I am not about to go deer hunting (that is his thing). That is a little harder to do as a surprise. LOL Looks like you all had a great time. Add me to the list who would buy a mug from you. ;)

Sherry Connell

That's just AWESOME!


What a great surprise! When I saw Coral with the mug I had to run and find mine, I remember using it and taking it somewhere and I feared I had left it there. was in the cupboard!
It looks like you had a great time!


You're awesome. Do you know that?


You and Coral are two smart ladies!!! Way to go! :-)

Erica D.

Awesome for all of you! I'm with the others–cups please! :D

Janine Fox

Karen, I've heard you talk about your sausage legs a few times so I just want to tell you that every time I see photos of you I ALWAYS think, gosh she is just so pretty and she has really nice hair and her smile is so lovely and I don't see any sign of sausage legs. You are beautiful Karen - inside and out. Just saying...


I literally laughed out loud as I was reading this. Maybe the best marriage enrichment advice ever! Love it!


I love this post so much. WAY TO GO!


This is so great Karen!! LOVE this....and the coffee mugs! should see those to your former students!!!


OMGSH Karen, I've been "snowbirding" up North and just got "home" to my PC where your blog was bookmarked - I LOVE that you did this!! I've missed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photos! I'm so impressed! I need to try to think of some fun - amazing - SURPRISING thing to do for my sweetie, too! Awesome!


You haven't been here in almost a month...

Katie Johnson

Josh is BEAMING with joy in these pictures...what a joy to see, and such a fun surprise. Love the photobomber in the stands!

Dawn Clement

Another mug request! And yay for college football, so sad that the season is over!


what wonderful women you are! That was such a sweet surprise!
When I saw that mug, I was like, "I've gotta have one". Do you sell them?

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