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Deanna Misner

I swoon every year over your Halloween pics, and this year isn't any different. Both the girls and the pics are absolutely beautiful!


they are precious!


Wonderful pics! I think I may have snort laughed as I read that you'll be back next year! I love the family joke.


So glad to see you blogging agin. I also love seeing the kids. They are so growing up. I haven't been taking many photos, but I'm getting the itch again. I think it has a lot to do with having will subjects...well and lovely fall leaves that are all over the city.

Gina f.

Awesome pics. You take the best nighttime pictures!! (daytime ones too :) }


Stunning photos beautiful as ever and if next year you only have one child dressing up that's fine.............keep going, they are beautiful memories. Regards Kathy

Brenda Weaver

beautiful photos of your children. But why would you bother someone who obviously doesn't want to celebrate Halloween? We don't celebrate Halloween either, although we always have candy on hand for anyone who comes to the door. But i think you should respect their wishes.
Love your blog. love your fantastic photos. Always such an inspiration!


Love sharing in your Halloween tradition. Love the light, the trees, the neighborhood, and your story.....without your narrative, it would not be nearly as wonderful. The girls looks fantastic, and even though your didn't have 3 trick or treaters, it was a family event, and one can see the passage of time that is always evident in our lives. You are one talented mama!

Juli P

Dangit! I forgot to go and look at your photos from last year to estimate what my camera settings should be...
These are lovely, as always...and I've got ZERO, because my kids argued and fought and we were late getting out.


I have to say that I always look forward to your Halloween photos. They are just the best!

Kelly B

Both girls are so beautiful.. I must say though, that the black and white shot of Courtney Lee with the City Council sign off to the left is a stunning shot of her. She looks so grown up!

Erin in IA

Love your Halloween photos! The one of Annie dumping out her bucket was great!


Those kids sure shot up fast! Pretty soon you will be the shortest one!
Love seeing more willing subjects with happier faces!
Maybe next year when you get to the house that doesn't celebrate, the kids should give them candy!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

they're all getting so big! sigh ... it isn't halloween until we see your kiddos karen. beautiful!


Gah! I've been following here for over 5 years. But I just went back to look at Halloween 2007. Oh for cute! I can't believe how young everyone is, including Josh. Time flies so very fast.

Anita G.

I just love your Halloween shots!


Karen your neighbourhood just looks like it comes out of a story gorgeous are those homes. I love your blog and your openness xx Thank you for sharing.

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