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Thank you for this post today. Just the reminders I needed to hear.


That picture of Cole...with the spotlight in the of the best pics I have seen on your blog. Just my opinion and of course there have been lots of fabulous ones, but that one caught my breath. We are our own worst critics. I always say if there is one thing that I hope to NOT pass onto my daughter it is my negative self talk...I am always thinking I am stupid, lazy, just not ENOUGH, but thankfully someone thought I was enough...enough to make the ultimate sacrifice. I have actually considered having that tattooed on the inside of my wrist as a reminder even though I'm not a tattoo kinda girl. ;)


Yes, He is.

Gina Crowley

Ahh. We are our own worst critic. In my little world, you are awesome.


Wait a second! Some wise person once told me "Expectations reduce joy." I live by that now. I still have expectations, like I expect myself to do my best, because that's all I can do. But I lower my expectations of other people, because I've been known to have high ones, and it helps me not be let down in those situations. I hope you had a good dinner anyways, because I know what it is like to want the great shots, not get them, and then let that set the tone for the rest of the outing.


Amen you said it very well. Hugs

Martha walker

This post reminded me of another I read today about the reminder of the strength of grace.


Yes, indeed. And this is why I'm signing up for your course again. Love you!!

Lacey Meyers

I just love this. I second what you said on my blog today... The timing of your post is so perfect, as I needed to read this today. I love your writing as much as I love your images. And for goodness' sake. These images are extraordinary. <3


It is so hard to constantly "climb the mountain" of expectations.It often leads to disappointment, because it just isn't possible to do. And comparing always takes one out of the moment. When we spend our time looking back or looking forward....we are not in the "now"....which then often steals the joy of the present. Thus, when we feel like we have to always reach a certain is hard to want to even try, for fear of disappointment. My favorite Mr. Roger's saying..I love you just the way you are, helps me to remember and find comfort when I am in comparison mode. And we all get in the comparison and expectation folly.....and you my sweet one recognized that....which makes you a wise, beautiful, loving soul that is talented in more ways than one can even count. Thank you for being you. I apologize for my rambling.


I think you are pretty fabulous. You are an amazing human being. I think you are anyway. We are always our worst critic. These are such great photos. I love them.

Nicky from Okotoks



Very well said Karen! You are an inspiration to many!

Christine P

WOW...these are AMAZING shots, Karen! But, I also understand how you are feeling...I know those feelings all too well. We are always are own worst critic, right?


Expectations are no good Karen. Live in the present. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Sounds so good. So easy.'s not! :)) Thank you for this post. I really needed to be reminded. Adoring you as always...super-crappy biking photos and all. :)))


Wise words: Whenever you have expectations, you're always disappointed.

S McCrary

What a beautiful post with very wise words, and just what I need to hear this week. Thank you for sharing your family, life & personal thoughts with us. I truly love reading your posts.
Is Josh biking with a grocery cart in one shot........?

Stacey from the Texas Panhandle

Amen Sister! I feel your pain! Same here. Thanks for reminding me about what really matters!

Love ya!

Amelia N.

So much truth in this. Thank you for sharing.

Nancy B.

I don't know how many times I've quit photography because of my unmet expectations. There should be a place where we can all go to quit, but...not reallyreally quit. Well, actually, I just go there in my head, and to the Lord, and I end up where you ended up. I keep needing to be reminded that my photos are not the most important thing in the known universe.


But that HE is, that WE plus HIM are, and LOVE is. And that the photos document all the gifts and sorrows that HE allows so that we can grow closer to him and each other. And sometimes I can actually believe that.

Then the next time my expectations aren't met - sometimes the next day - I quit again. And learn again. I am a granny hamster on the wheel, always quitting and re-learning the basics, and I don't mean about photography.

(Your biking photos perfectly captured a late afternoon, sunsetting, evening family time together that will never happen that exact way again. Nailed those photos.)


Beautifully written, Karen! Really spoke to my heart today.

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