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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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YOU are the BEST!

Lorie Gomes

just wondering if this would be a good place to start for someone that has only used the auto settings of their camera...or is there a better starting point to achieving better pictures. Thanks, Lorie

Karen Russell

Lorie - I offer an online workshop (The Photographers' Workshop) that is probably a more ideal place for someone to start. You can find more details for that here:

And feel free to email me at if you have any other questions - would love to have you!

Fee K.

Lorie...anything Karen teaches will create a better photographer (you) I started with the MTS Focus- but that was when we had a forum and people around to help and it was brutal learning- I almost wish I had taken the Photographer's workshop first (which I am in now). But man alive...Kelli's review is dead on. I stopped shooting stuff (and was always on manual or aperture preferred mode) because stuff was SO out of focus and it wasn't the equipment but me. She's made me so much better in just three months of taking her MTS- my whole family has commented on it. And I can only assume I will be eons ahead taking her full course - and if I can even say- don't audit it if you can afford it..take the whole shebang. Because it is so beneficial to have Karen's eyes on your photos...and discussed in the nicest of ways too. Thanks Karen for making me a better photographer and hey the therapy sessions I also got free was a bonus I didn't expect! :)


So lucky to have met both Karen and Kelli. Kelli, in addition to taking great photos, makes me envious of her cooking skills on Instagram :)
This has given me a kick in the rear to finish going through MTS 3 over fall break!
Thank you Karen and Kelli

Kelli Williams

Thanks Cathy! Miss you guys!


Fantastic!!!! :D

Anna from RI

High five for Kelli! Karen, you know I think you're the bomb ;) Cathy, ditto… I can't believe it's been a year since meeting you all. And yes, Kelli makes me drool. Hugs!

Lorie, I would HIGHLY recommend Photographer's Workshop before diving into MTS3. You need that solid foundation and comfort of turning your camera off "Auto"… IMOH.


I loved the Photographer's Workshop and I'm loving this MTS3. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to keep the MP3 from reverting back to the beginning every time I have to pause it and go back later.

Thanks! love your work!!!

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