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Happy Birthday, Coley!!! What a great birthday surprise!!! How great that you were able to pull it off. :) Your photos are fabulous as always!


Happy Birthday Cole! 14 looks good on you! (wahhhh...) Love the surprises!!!


great birthday surprise!!Good to see you got your mojo back and there are some more posts appearing again


You are the coolest parents. Happy 14th birthday Cole.

Deanna Misner

Gosh I'm so glad you're shooting again. I forgot how much I've missed your pics. My favorites are all the ones of the boys throwing the football. Beautiful light and gorgeous bokeh. Thanks for sharing!


Now I'm officially bummed. This is the third time I've been at the same place as you and I would love to meet you. From the looks of it I was sitting right in front of you. :( My daughter goes to school there too and I think their campus is gorgeous. Happy birthday Coley. Thank you for letting your Mom take pictures of you and letting us watch you kids grow up. It's my favorite blog to watch each day since you guys were soooo little.



YOU ARE IN FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Also, Happy Birthday, Cole!*


Happy Birthday, Cole!
You can see the excitement for the game in the photos!

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