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Kelly B

What a great Birthday trip! It would be so cool to get the same shot of the boys in front of the archway when they are starting college.


What a special treat for your boy! He's blessed to have some special parents that would go out of there way to make such a special trip for his birthday! Great pictures as always!

Andrea :)

Karen, what a great idea to do a Birthday trip! Looks like you all had so much fun together. You got some amazing shots and documented the trip perfectly! :) Hugs!


He's an amazing kid! Looks like a great couple days for everyone!


This looks like a great birthday to me! Happy Birthday Cole!
And I was lol at Josh Downs and that flash! Funny guy!


Awesome, awesome, AWESOME shots Karen! Happy Birthday to Cole! Looks like a wonderful day!!!


And I can only think about how this moment in time is going to be such a treasure when you look back at them in the years to come. What great memories documented in your special way.


We love your shots!! (And thank Josh Downs for being such a studly Service man!!!)

Janine Fox

Thank you for sharing this wonderful birthday gift to your son Karen. I am inspired!


Great kid and Great pictures!


Karen, these photographs are fantastic! It's been so fun watching Cole grow into such a fine young man through your lens. Birthday surprises are the best.
PS: I gawked. ;-)


I'm so happy that you got so many great photos of Cole. He and his friend look so young and small on the OSU campus but it won't be long before they fit right in :)

Mary Jo Griego

Cole is just adorable!

Kirsten J

Golden. Both the boys, and the mom. And Josh Downs, too :)


What a great kid you've raised!


Thank goodness Cole has a friend that seems at ease in front of the camera! They looked so grown up in these photos! What a great, memorable weekend you planned for both guys!

Anna from RI

Your thank you to Cole made me smile. Amazing how warm and fuzzy you can get when a teenager stops thinking of just himself ;) I'm right there with you (my boys 16 and almost 13). Wyatt is pretty accommodating too!

Anita G.

Love reading all the comments!!! I love love love this blog Karen..and you...and I love reading about you and your family and seeing the pics of the kiddos! THanks so much for your continued sharing!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

HAppy belated to Cole! (and I seem to remember reading a few years ago that he was always the one you could count on to pose for you.)

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