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Judy Webb

I see such change in the kiddos. Happy Halloween to to you and family.


Wonderful shots and I love the yellow school bus in the background!!


Cute pics!! So glad the kids have committed to quite a few more years of carving pumpkins. It's an activity my kids always love no matter how old they get too. Happy Halloween :)


Why do we get mad at our great husbands? Cuz we can be moody and they are stubborn jerks sometimes. But not you, Josh Downs!! ;) lol

Juli P

It wouldn't be a marriage made in heaven if there wasn't a little fighting here and there! My husband infuriates me every now and again... but then I imagine what life would be like without him around and I get over it really quickly!


I know you're frustrated about Courtney and Coley not wanting to participate in photos lately, but I've also noticed that Courtney's photos are showing a different, more adult side of her (whether she is doing that intentionally or not). Either way, she's turning into a beautiful young woman!


Such great photo that tell your family story in such a beautiful way. Just love the expressions, especially Josh's. He's having as much fun as the kids. I do love seeing that bus in the background...Loved every shot. Happy Halloween.

Libbi M.

Hi Karen! My daughter wants to donate her Halloween candy to the troops. I know you have mentioned in the past a location drop off but I can't remember. Can you please help me? Or maybe a blog reader knows. Thank you.

Signed... The crazy Costco cashier you meet a few months ago who absolutely loves your blog.

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