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I am so glad that we aren't the only ones that do this! We have been known to drive a few hours to our favorite Mexican restaurant and our favorite BBQ one too. We are pretty serious about our food. I guess that is why we plan our vacations around where we want to eat. LOL! Great pictures. It looks like you and the D750 are getting along just fine! :-)


I haven't been there in awhile, need to go back! I'm hoping that In-N-Out rumor is true!:)


We've started planning long car trips around great places to eat. :)


I am sorry to say, those sullen looks don't disappear. Not sure if Ross was ever like that, but Laura (who is 26) sure was. She has finally outgrown it... finally!!! Now, middle child is there.. she's 16. Then there is the littlest, who will be 8 in December. He is still a good sport, for the most part. Though, I think I may need to borrow the little neighbor girl. She is always willing. :)

How cool that you were allowed behind the counter!! Great shots too!! We don't drive too far for places to eat. At most, about 45-60 minutes to go to Texas Roadhouse, as that is the closest. Hubby likes that place.


Well, your mojo is certainly in full force...great photos, and what wonderful documentation of a wonderful day. Love the clarity of every photo...and the light is great. Hooray for you to get behind the was one of the first things I noticed. So nice to see you and the kiddos enjoying time together, and memories that will live a lifetime! You are the best!

Kelli Williams

But they are so good looking when they smile! Although the manekin pose was a good one.

Mary Jo Griego

Great usual! Isn't Andy Stanley one of the greatest preachers ever?!


Beautiful children! Just think one day real soon those teenagers will be able to help make the drive for burgers! Fun :)))

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