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Andrea :)

Thanks so much for this post... I just forwarded it to my Dad who is looking to get his first DSLR! :)

Judy Webb

Please stay sane so you continue this blog: two teens who suffer from "teenageum" and a little sister who wants to be a teenager. You and Josh's work is cut out for you!! Happy Fall!!

Sherry Connell

Thank you Karen, great information!

Cathy K

After not checking in for a few days, I get on here and read that sweet, little Nikon D750 that I am loving so much" and I think to myself, she just got the 810, what happened. Thankfully you explained it a few days before. I just hadn't read that yet! I'm so happy that you like the 750. A full frame camera will be my next camera body and I like the price point of the 750. I've heard it would make a great sports lens. Glad to see it works just fine for normal things too!


Thank you for this!!!

Compare Cameras

Wow, the compute module is already proving it’s usefulness! Looks nice, too. Go to your friends – “Hey, can your digital camera run Quake?”.

Jessica @ Pen + Paper Flowers

Thanks for posting this valuable information from 2014. I've been a longtime fan (and student) and I'm making my Christmas Wish List for 2015 and have been researching the D750 you mentioned, as an upgrade from my ancient D70. By chance, do you know if my current lenses will be compatible with the D750 - or does is just depend on which lenses I have? Thanks in advance for your feedback and insight. xoxo

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