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She is growing up isn't she...Sienna and her are very close in age and when I see her long legs I am reminded that Sienna is growing up as well (and of course James). Beautiful photos and aren't those things with the pins (?) that she put over her face to make the shape great...lots of fun. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


Commitment is such a strong and powerful choice...its what gets us through many many many things...and through it all....we become a much stronger and more well rounded, full of wisdom person. Yea for your group challenge!

Gina Crowley

I'm so glad to "see" you. I've missed your posts.


Great challenge! Making a commitment is such a big thing and lately have been avoiding it because I feel like I'm sinking but I think a re-commitment to myself is in order. So glad you are back even if its just for a short time! <3 and Yans...gets prettier and more grown up every time I see her!

Julie Pilch

Sounds great Karen! I noticed that over the last couple of years I take less and less pictures of my kiddos and it is really sad. I'm going to take some pictures now as they are playing hospitals!


Dang ruts! Okay! Not just looking at others photos today! 10 - of my own! Yes!


I like this idea and am going to try it too!


Sorry to hear that others are going through a rut as well. I seem to be experiencing my first rut ever. Such a strange experience. I think that I will push through and get caught up on my editing and then try that ten shots per day challenge. Hope it works.

Nancy Wyatt

Oh my goodness how she is growing up so fast. That is not allowed! Giggle. Great shots!! Wish I had more time to shoot daily, I'm lucky to get in my photo of the day for 365. Hugs from Conroe, TX


I am lacking subjects. Still. Other than the dog, and we are all getting tired of that.


Such a great idea! I really need to get back into shooting as well. Which lens were you shooting with and what is your walk around lens? Thank you!


She's so grown! Beautiful pics as always.

Amy Jenkins

Man does this bring back memories of my own trips to ToysRus.


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