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Welcome back! I love the photos you got of the two of you together.

Kathy R

So glad you are back!! I love the photos and reading your blog. You are such a gifted writer!

Hello there! What a fun getaway, I love when you take us along. I love that you are sharing more pics of yourself. You are a beauty! Can't wait to meet you next week in Utah!!! I'm taking your class and I'm so ready to take in all that you share with us. Hugs from Conroe, TX.


Oh, that OCEAN!!!!! Y'all are so blessed!!!! Love this post!!!!!


When I don't feel like shooting, I wish I got shots like you did! I love that you took way more photos of yourself!
I was having stevia and after a few weeks developed a nasty rash covering both arms, turns out it's not as great as it's supposed to be and I was super sensitive to it. Now I have maple syrup in my coffee and it's not bad at all. How did you find it? Clearer headed? Lose weight? Did you miss your McD's soda?

Sasha Farina

welcome back! I've missed you!


We missed you!!

Shauna Rae

You are beautiful! What fun shots capturing your getaway!


Hi Karen, Will you be sharing your thoughts on the Whole 30? I've seen so many people talking online about doing it but I'd love to hear a real opinion...especially how you did with kids.


So glad you are look amazing!!!! Simply stunning. Give my sweet Oregon home a big hug from Texas. I miss her.


Whilst I certainly understand the need for quiet and stepping back now and again, it sure is nice to scroll thru your photos once again. Like everyone else has already said: So glad you're back! :)

Anna from RI

Awesome self portraits, Karen! You are looking terrific. The smile says it all. Glad you took the break for you :)


Oh, how I love everything about this. The self-portraits are so wonderful. Sounds like a month well worth taking off. I love that you travel with your iMac because I'd do exactly the same! Why use my 17" laptop when I can use my 27" behemoth computer? Love ya!


You look more and more gorgeous! You seemed recharged which is a fabulous thing! Love your pics! So glad you are back...even if its just to give us an update!

Sandy Horton

Glad to see you back!!

Kirsten J

Hey - you don't have to be back to daily blogging - but I'm happy for the update. Yep, life happening is good but can be hectic. Love those beach pictures - and that you saw Eleanor....that is so sweet!


Um yeah, you look freaking amazing! I have missed you but I'm so glad you took time away from blogging for yourself (although it sounds like you were quite busy!). Just had to remedy that by signing up for another class. Sooo, I'll "see" ya in 13 days! Woot!

Jenny H

Glad you are back! I would love to hear about your Whole 30 experience. I started back on 8/13, but I failed this weekend. I plan to start it again in October.

Audrey V

How did you like the Whole 30? Did you feel better without gluten?


You're amazing and beautiful, Karen. (And wicked awesome :) )


I clicked over multiple times in August just to see if you'd checked in. LOL. Glad to "see" you this morning. Let's talk about the whole 30. Ok? Thanks :)

Lacey Meyers

I'm happy to see you back! And, I'm happy I finally get to meet you in person next week! :D


Welcome back. There was something so intimate and beautiful about this set of photos. A rawness. I don't know if you ever make mini books or photobooks, but I think this set deserves to take some form off the screen and into your hands.


Looks likes a very nice, relaxing trip. Love that you were able to enjoy a weekend without breaking up a kid argument ;) Sounds like a great time. AND you look amazing! Kudos to you for all your (undoubtedly) hard work. Inspirational as usual...


So good to have you just feels right when you post.xx

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Yay! I've missed you! :) It sounds like you've had busy, awesome month! And I love this set of two are just too cute together!

I'm interested to hear about your Whole30 and your reaction to it/since reintroducing things. (If you want to share, of course!) ;) I did a Whole30 in May, and I think it was the best thing I've ever done, and alerted me to some food sensitivities I wouldn't have known about before.


ah karen, i've missed you. glad to see you back and so glad you got to getaway. love the shot of you sitting in the chair by the window. beautiful set of photos.

Cindy Welch

wow what I like about this post and what I see different. You, your in more pics and the story shows how you are involving!! Love it. My life is so busy and I feel I am loosing myself just a little bit.... Inspiration to slow down take a few more breaths. Love it.


I just love your posts and your photos however often they appear. And believe me - you might have lost your motivation but you certainly haven't lost your ability!

Lovely to see so many photos of you

Nancy B.

Back home now and starting to catch up. I've realized that if all I ever did to practice better photography would be to thoroughly study, then practice, the photos you post on your blog I would grow immensely. Your soul is a deeply spiritual artist and you have the gift (plus TONS of hard work) of revealing the absolute beauty in everyday life. That you share your everyday life in such a artistic way is really inspiring me.

Thank you!

ps...oh, and when I saw what was on the screen in the shot where you are reflected in the computer I went "OH! I know what that is. It tickled me."

Nancy B.

(I hate when I don't proof read, and I am a grammar nazi. Messed up on those quote marks and now it's making my brain itch. Maybe I'll get over that some day. Nah, I won't.)

Misty kettinger

You are seriously so talented in so many ways! The pictures of you and Josh are so amazing! Welcome back to the blog world, you have been missed.

Julie in Aust.

Missed your words Karen...very very nice to have you back in my day!
By the way...that photo of you two walking into the waves is pretty much awesome!

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