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Oh what a wonderful time together. Your photos certainly do reflect the love and the fun that you have together. Your 'growing up' home is so looks like a cottage in the woods. Having the froyo next to Chipotle is certainly a good thing...I would not be able to pass either of them by. Happy travels and happy homecoming.

Judy Webb

I love the way Cole is ALWAYS READING.


Love how you make photos of even the most mundane places (the gas station?!) so beautiful and engaging. What a gift for your kids to look back on their childhood in this way.


My 16 yr old reads like Cole does.. all.the.time. :) It's a good thing. I don't know how you get your kids to cooperate when taking photos at all of these places like you do. I can't get mine to, especially the 16 yr old and then my 7.5 yr old follows suit from her.


Love that you shot at these places, again super jealous that you get to shoot in stores! The home you grew up in is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the photos with your new camera!

Mary Jo Griego

I am right there with you loving road trips. Unfortunately, most of mine are just me and God but they are extremely peaceful.

Mary Jo Griego

Correction: my road trips are not unfortunate because they are just me and God. They are rich! I had unfortunate typed when I had that I did them solo but then I remembered I talk to God the whole time. Blessed beyond measure for sure!


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