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Looks like great fun! Love the pics of the kiddos, you and sunset!


some of my favorite photos you've ever taken! Love them. xxooo DanaL


I love love love these ones! Especially the group shot with with the trees in the background and the timer group shot! And the one of you and the kids! Except that Courtney Lee isn't in it.
And... I think it's your fault! We just got 6 bags of Juanita's delivered by a friend that went to Silverwood. And every time we go across the border we get bags! We know when it's time to go when we don't have any Juanitas left!

Amy Mason

For some reason the bigger bags of those chips just aren't as good as the smaller ones. Doesn't make ANY sense, but there it is.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

looks like lots of fun! and I have to say - Ross looks like just about the best big brother. So sweet with the kids!!


I can only imagine the redness in your cheeks with some of those cards! It looks like you all had such a wonderful time!

Molly B

And to think, I was at Strawberry Festival on the island too! I bet if you saw my kids, Finn & Mac, you would have done a double take after seeing them in so many photos in the last class. I hope you had a wonderful trip!



Those chips are delicious. Our favorite too!


Missed your blog lately... in the world of techy devices I use my s5 more than my laptop these days. Good to see your pics again from my Mac! Love you cuz... missed you last time. Hope you are well. :)

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