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Love Tolly's, haven't been in awhile but need to go back!
And walk away from the 5 hr. energy Karen, just walk away! That's bad stuff. Horror stories on the internet all the time.


Hi Karen, I took your class at the beginning of the year & periodically check out your blog to sneak a peak at your lovely photos. I was so excited to see the title of your post...and then realized I'll need to wait for Part II (hopefully) to see photos of Vashon Island. I grew up on Vashon & while I now live in Seattle, we have a cabin on the island where we spend much of our summer. So many of my own photos of Mac & Finn are from there. I look forward to seeing it from your perspective. I hope you had a relaxing time after that gnarly drive!



Cole is looking so much more like Ross! :)


Hi, Karen.
I came across your blog a few weeks ago. Your photos of an everyday life made a huge impression on me. It inspired me that much so I actually took my real camera (not an iPhone one) that was laying on a shelf since my youngest daughter's birth (that is for four month). I wrote about you on my blog (the post about real camera).
Have a nice day!

Carrie that picture of Cole with the Cheez-Its he looks so much like Ross! It's uncanny!


What's the deal with the carsousels ( in the background at the restaurant)


I love your photos of Tolly's and it makes me smile every time you post something about it. My family is good friends with the owners - I'll make sure to pass on the link so they can see them!! <3


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