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Great pics, as usual. :) There aren't any 7-11's left around us anymore. Used to be a ton of them around when I was a kid. Awww... Cole's curls are gone.


I like short haired Cole! And Courtney Lee's tattoo! Very nice! That was very nice of the owner to let you take photos!


Oh man, I liked the long hair!:)
And I ate lunch at Circle J's today and thought of you!


What fun....I was almost tempted myself to stop by 7-11. Is Courtney Lee's 'ink' from Tattly? I just made some on my Silhouette, and they were pretty darn fun and easy. Glad you had a "slurpy" day!


I just love your kids! They are so darn cute.


Aw, we did this very same thing on 7/11 too! Except we added the $1 hot dogs too. :P

Love how you capture these everyday moments so beautifully. I was getting kinda sad lately how it seems so few people blog anymore which just makes me appreciate yours all the more. Keep on keeping on, Karen. You inspire me so much in so many ways.

PS- and tell Cole to post an update! Love when he makes an appearance, too.

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