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HI KAREN! I purchased Making the Shot 3 when it first came out, but didn't know if I'd be in town for the forum so I didn't purchase it. I emailed you and you said I could pay separately if I was able to. Should I email you?


truth. you should have charged more. i'm only 1/3 of the way through and already taking sharper photos. love, love, love


You are making me work, girl! My comfort zone is way back there! Over there, see it off in the distance? Now to find a "cooperative subject" for the assignment.


Got it! Thanks so much Karen!


After following your blog for years with you being my main source of photography inspiration, I finally got a dslr because I was tired of my crappy iphone photos. I got it this morning and of course I am determined at shooting in manual mode and using bbf. I have yet to buy your making the shot because my husband cringes every time I mention something else I need (bag, memory card, etc) but I hope you keep this for sale for awhile so I can purchase it eventually! I also hope you keep your blog and classes going for awhile because no one shoots like you. You're amazing! Cheers!


Hey, update to my last comment. This was the best thing I could have purchased I think to help my photography along. You are so good at explaining everything and making it all come together! Also, PLEEEEASE pretty please write that issue on lighting! I think that by far, one of the best things that you do, especially since you shoot so much candid, is find ways to light your subjects well. This was seriously an awesome, really in depth piece but I think the one on lighting that you mentioned on there could be even more full of awesome, just because you have such a unique, creative eye. Thanks for everything and for sharing all of your personal family photos because I, and tons of others, have learned so much just from the photos on your blog alone. Thanks!

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Maria Glazener

Still not the FAB-Focuser, but man oh man I am getting better! Thanks for all of your hard work and all of your blood. sweat, and tears on this project!

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